VIRGO “…faithfully planted seeds in spring, reaping harvest now” !

MorningGlories-VirgoMundane Tarot Update Of The Year Ahead For VIRGO…virgo-symbol

Happy Birth Anniversary!

Three cheers for a fantastic year ahead, dear Virgoans!
You have been striving long and hard at making things possible. Sometimes, you have based your work on hardly a name to call it by. The past few years have been a time of faith and of diligence. That last one is never far from you, anyway, but it would seem that you were really pushed to the limits of your abilities, without much help from others…
And this year, you are about to see much of what you have worked for come to stabilise and point towards fruition! How does it get better than that!
So, why not fruition itself, then, you may ask… Sure, you have slogged hard enough for it, as it is! Because, my dear meticulous Virgo, your plans are all long-term! And fruits will appear in due course because your garden is well-planted! And the best part is that there will be much that you can harvest, long and happily, and perhaps in ways you would have foreseen, but not hoped for.
This is not the end of a phase. This is the start of all the proof you need that you were right, all along!

For those born on or between August 23rd and September 1st:
You may have to encourage yourself to see that your hard work is paying off. Though you are a great believer in hard work, you also have a great reach, and what you initially catch as you reach out this year may feel like a disappointment. Surprise, however! There is more and much more of that rolling in! Eventually, you will enjoy learning anew how brilliant you have already been!
Finances will show up and will be better invested, wherever you have an extra bit. Health will need you to be your cautious self, as well as allowing yourself a bit of slack when such seems attractive.

For those born on or between September 2nd and September 11th:
The year will bring up in you loads and loads of gratitude and thus, pave the way for much beauty and much bounty. The best part would be that it will not be an obvious, in-your-face glitz; rather it will be there in glory when you turn towards it. And your sense of grateful accomplishment will keep more of the same coming in. It is a blessing that you are in touch with reality, as you will be able to see very real benefits from everything that now turns up.
Finances will be a blessing, too, if you remember to not force any issue around it, and let them unravel by themselves if they crop up. Health will need you to avoid indulgence and stay on the proved and beaten track.

For those born on or between September 12th and September 22nd:
The best part of this wonderful year for you is that every fruit will be a grower of further fruits. Remember this and keep close to your wits of meticulous analysis, and you will be reaping the rewards of this year for many more years to come! Remember to also stop and smell the roses in your own garden, else you may want to turn already turned earth! Your time of hard work and effort has just now relaxed, and you can allow yourself to have some fun… a lot of it, in fact! You are in no danger of overdoing the fun bit; it is only the hard work bit that you need to ease.
Finances will be good and pointing towards better in the future, and you will know exactly how to work that one out. Health will need you to relax and de-stress more than you have a habit of, and it will be good to do so.

What a wonderful year, dear Virgoans!!!


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