“AUGUST rushes by like desert rainfall….!!”

Mundane Tarot update for the month of AUGUST, 2015… August2015

You are as you think you are…
And nowhere will this show up with as much clarity in our lives, as in this month of August, good folks!

The theme of this month, or if you prefer, the lesson we have set up for ourselves to learn… is about idealism.
It is easy to beat it up as contrary to being practical, or laugh it off as pipe-dreams, and that is exactly what makes it a tough formula to apply.
Often we get mixed up between the perfect and the ideal. If we encourage ourselves towards clarity, we would see that ‘perfect’ fits the existing perception, while ‘ideal’ could be a gateway to another perception. Which means, dear folks, your ideal world could just be asking you to change your perception! After all, your current perception of the way things are, may not have the structure to support the way you want things to be!

So, we start the month with a very firm idea of what we can do, what we cannot, what is right and what is possibly unthinkable. This is clarifying the idea that we can’t build that ideal world by imagining ourselves subject to our perceptions of ourselves.

Through the weeks, this is what pans out…

For the 1st to 8th of August, 2015:
We get the opportunity to understand what we ‘feel’ about the things we ‘think’. So, if you think you can’t and it makes you feel bad, there you have a two-pronged prod to help you make the change. Would imagining that you can, instead, make you feel better? How about trying it out for size? If we can consistently honour our ‘feelings’ in this manner… by encouraging ourselves to imagine life as makes us feel good, who knows…!!!

For the 9th to 16th of August, 2015:
This week will made good all attempts to ground and stabilise ourselves before all that thinking and imagining gets out of hand. However, we still have the opportunity going… so observing our situations already manifest around us will give us a pretty good idea (there’s that word again!) of where we stand in our own opinion. Sometimes we are givers and sometimes, receivers… and most things already balance out as we need. So where is the need to run after what we want? This is a very grounding and real situation, indeed. Most of us will experience life events rather keenly, and we can utilise this opportunity to make the connection of ‘as within, so outside of ourselves’.

For the 17th to 24th of August, 2015:
This is a week when we may feel overwhelmed and unsure of ourselves. The amalgamation of feeling good about our little worlds with perceiving our world as a good place can stress us out to the point where we may suspect a conspiracy theory out there, just beyond the fringes of our sight. It is certainly not the way things are, but it is the way we are wired, to keep us safe from what we don’t yet know… by assuming its potential as dangerous, unless proved friendly. The stress can make us tired, or we can cut ourselves some slack from needing to react immediately to all stimuli. Definitely a week for some tender loving care…

For the 25th to 31st of August, 2015:
And the fresh winds rise…. We are now in for some change. Whether that change brings something better than before, worse than before, or just more of the same depends upon our outlook, really. However, big shifts have happened tectonically, and it won’t be too far in the future that we suddenly see that we are already where we had dreamt of being. (This is as big a prod as any to start dreaming right now, then!) We may see things around us as much the same, but not for long…

By the time August rounds off and away around the corner, we are likely to reach a happily stable place of being happy with what we are doing in the moment, knowing that this is a great vision of the world we already have! Plug away… it is its own reward!

Things are getting better all the time!!! ❤



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