CANCER… “knows when the battle is done!”

CancerDelphiniumsHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Cancerians! Cancer 

And does this year promise to be one of relief, or what!
It would seem that most of you have recently been through rather trying times. There were certain issues and aspects in your life which had asked you to be out in the front and dealing. Sometimes, it had seemed like a battle to you and you alone. At other times, all approaches you could use were turning out to be not quite reaching the mark… Right?
Well, now you can breathe easy.
The year coming up for you is going to slow down the pace where it needs slowing. Likely, whatever you have been working so much at is not yet culminated to its rightful end, but you are going to have an opportunity to stabilise yourself and redo what you need to redo, or think up a new strategy, if that is the order of the day. And now, you can set your pace. At least, a pace better suited to you. And how does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 21st June and 1st July:
Foremost, anything causing you to feel conflicted within yourself will become still enough for the conflict to subside. Then, you will get enough room and breathing space to choose your way forward. For you, especially, it would be a great idea to choose those paths with which you feel a sense of harmony. The ones that seem logical or ambitious or perhaps, a step up from where you are may not prove to be worthy, after all. So what we are looking at here is an opportunity for you to trust the wisdom of your own nature and choose with your feelings.
So, with wise choices, you stand to improve your health, wealth and stability. Good luck

For those born on or between 2nd July and 11th July:
There were things that seemed to be tripping you up on purpose, and that is going to completely stop. This will be a wonderful break for you, and you are well advised to give yourself the time and space that you can afford to give. Intellectually, you were being challenged to well nigh exasperation, and this year, you will breathe easy again. Try to still be judicious and observe your new opportunities, rather than rushing into the breach with the current idea. From within what you observe will emerge a gem, and then you are on a winning streak again. Do slow down and keep your senses peeled, then… and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Health will benefit from conventional care. Wealth may appear in more places than only finance, so, to repeat a point, stay on your toes!

For those born on or between 12th July and 21st July:
What you have endured as hardship could be termed inexplicable, and could have been extremely trying to your sensitive nature. You have actually achieved a lot already, but now you are reaching the end of your endurance. And this year is bringing to you relief. Be glad, twice over, for not only will your hardship cease to be, you will also receive the grace of help from friendly and kindred spirits, souls and beings. In this, you are better off than other Cancerians, though all are getting into pretty good times! People and energies will conspire to help you far more than you can imagine, because they will be of all sorts and types. Of course, you can choose as you think applicable; you do not have to accept the offers you think don’t make sense. However, this is certainly going to be a year when you will be so grateful to be alive and present to have experienced this grace!
Health will benefit from following advice of experts. Wealth will be in the flow… receiving and spending, wonderfully.

Have an awesome year ahead, dear Cancerians!


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  1. shinganapurkargeeta51
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 16:28:15

    Nice Blog Mohini Madam…


  2. purutheguru
    Jun 24, 2015 @ 12:41:10

    Thank you Mohini!


  3. jazzspazit
    Jun 24, 2015 @ 14:33:44

    🙂 Mohini ❤ 🙂 Tuffee Love you ❤


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