And here is “All JUNE In The Garden”….!!!

Mundane Tarot update for the month of JUNE, 2015: June2015

The theme of the month of June is integrating with our own selves the wisdom we have acquired as we experience relating with ‘the other’. And this can be only an upward graph…! Every time we perceive of ‘the other’, whether in a person, event or object, we have an opportunity to gaze into a mirror reflecting ourselves. What is your image telling you about yourself?

So, to begin our journey into the centre of our being, from wherever we are, we have available grounding and real energies that can give us an anchor or a sense of rootedness to prevent us from flying off…the handle? Hallelujah! We just have to occasionally remind ourselves to use these energies and ground ourselves.

Through the weeks, the energies that present themselves to us in order to help us achieve our integration are…

From 1st to 8th of June, 2015:
We would want to be very active about our integration. It would not be very effective most of the time, given that looking into the mirror requires more observing, than taking action. But at other, better managed times, we would put the horse at the right side of the apple-cart, and do what our observation informs us about doing. Let’s just take ourselves with a large pinch of salt.

From 9th to 15th of June, 2015:
Now we are talking… however, to our inner children! There is a host of beliefs and postulates we hold on to very firmly, that forms the grid into which we weave our existence. This week, we may have to decide whether we want to be right or we want to be happy. The problem is not of right/wrong or happy/sad. The problem is that we might have to admit to ourselves that we have had our inner connections mixed up for a long time, and some conscientious inner housekeeping is now necessary. Time for some discernment, folks!

From 16th to 23rd June, 2015:
Folks, this is big! This week, we have at our disposal all possible help to align ourselves precisely towards which we have been striving. This means that we have available for our use the precise energy we need to set matters of all relationships into the form or appearance we wish to see. When we know that all things are two things… ‘it’self, and the lack of ‘it’, we are responsible for choosing which end of the stick we want to be ‘it’. So this week is a good time to ponder whether there is love/lack of love or hate/lack of hate… or light/lack of light or darkness/lack of darkness… or even more crucial, joy/lack of joy or sadness/lack of sadness. One way or the other, you are ready now to proceed towards applying your garnered wisdom.

From 24th to 30th June, 2015:
Eventually, everything changes, evolves, grows, shifts, moves, flows… from one point to the next and then, on to the next. This week invites us to take our relationships with everything and everyone in our lives to the next level. Given that we have been at applying wisdom to our relating with ‘the other’ all through the past three weeks, what are we going to show for it? A new chapter… whatever be its appearance.

And the month ends on a not of grave repose. In our attempt to change our world, we have changed. We have challenged and upended some of our beliefs, and we have faced some of our demons. June’s gift to us as we arrive at its end is that “there is no Other”.

Now, how does it get better than that!!!


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