The Way Of The New Warrior…. GEMINI!!!

Mundane Tarot Update for the Year Ahead for GEMINI:

GeminiRosesHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Gemini!Gemini

Your ability to mentally engage in the world around you is mythic in its fame… so the year coming up should lay quite a few surprises at your door! Are you ready to change your game? All that you have been working hard at the past few years, all the stuff that you have managed to push into existence from nothingness… have reached a threshold. You are now being asked to let go and let God. This can be a tough ask for you, considering your general energy levels. On the other hand, you are eminently capable of performing those very sleights of mind that will enable you to look elsewhere and take the pressure off performing.
In short, the year coming up for you, is one of Faith. And for those of you familiar with subtexts, you already know that Faith tests!

So here is the only thing you need to know to enjoy your year ahead, dear Gemini… Do not push. Let it be. Let everything be. It will all happen, and perhaps you will learn the value of seasons!

For those born on and between May 21st and May 31st:
It would be a good idea, no… actually, a great idea to plan a break year of some sort. Do different things… things that have no relevance or connection to your usual life. If you have to be engaged at something routine, such as an employment or a study, then place yourself in an observer mode. This does not mean that you will not be successful this year; this merely means that pushing, striving and making efforts will not yield predictable results at all. On the contrary, going with the flow will be a new thing to learn, and will yield fantastic results quite beyond your expectations.
Health will be good with taking judicious care. Finances require you to be calm and non-experimentative. Relations will demand a lot of attention to detail, with you on the learning curve.

For those born on and between June 1st and June 10th:
Your intelligence is more than enough to find resolutions, and this year, it has to be for yourself… This means that it may take a while for you to understand that things seem to have come to a stop, as you have so much of vim and vigour in you. No problem there, however, if you realise that there can be other ways than the ones you already know. The best heading for this chapter of your life would be “While I Was Asleep…” ; this is because a lot of your growth will now happen whether you are making an effort or not. And better, if not. So try to develop the perspective of being dis-engaged from the process, and you will do famously. In fact, some pretty surprises might also be in store down the year!
Health will benefit from holidays and relaxing breaks. Finances would benefit from thriftiness or basing expenditure on need alone. Relationships will demand attention from you.

For those born on and between June 11th and June 20th:
You have had a certain good run in the past couple of years. A few things have moved in very positive directions, largely due to your own cleverness and timely ministrations. Now, however, you have to let go of your drive and actually stop making efforts. This is a page for you straight out of nature’s handbook, wherein you have got to let the sun and the earth do their bit. If you decide to adopt a new perspective to deal with this year, let it be this: you have given your efforts, now it is time for your efforts to come back to you. Have faith that the right thing will show up at the right time; have faith that if it has not yet shown up, the time is not yet right!
Health will gain from all care that you can give yourself. Finances will be mediocre, and stability will depend directly upon your thriftiness. Relationships will have a thing or two to teach you this year!

Have an awesome year ahead!!!


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