“All Things Seem Possible in MAY!!!”

Mundane Tarot update for the month of MAY, 2015: May2015

The story of human beings is in relating…
And the month of May carries forward the torch of us learning our lessons in relating… through relationships, relatives, relativity, the relative. In all this, we are asked to look at ourselves in the mirror we hold up to our face: the Other.

We start the month by preparing to be ourselves. For a lot of us, being ourselves comes at a price, and we keep trying to pay it. Keeping the ‘relating’ in mind, however, it would be evident that in struggling to be ourselves we are probably invalidating the idea that there need be no struggle! If all you are carrying is a hammer, then eventually you will want to pound everything in your way to smithereens!

So let us look at what else we may carry in our bag of tools… (Hold on to your hammer, Thor!)

The first week of May, may seem to encourage us to push, push and push ahead in precisely that manner! However, if we do take the warring stance, we will quickly encounter our ‘Others’ as warriors, too… and before long, battle will loom. So right away, here is another tool… a paint brush! While we need to stay focussed on the creating of life that we are doing, we must also honour and respect everybody’s right to be creating the life of their desire. So will there be conflict? There need not be, unless you want it. Do you? The whole point of creation is that you can create again! When we think things are not exactly as we would want them, it would be the same creative energy that we can devote to creating anew… rather than pushing against what we see as road-blocks put up by others.

The second week of May, then, segues us into the eternal question, “What price, dreams?” We do things the way we do because we think that is the way to do them. It is time for us to recognise this. Thus, our understanding, behaviour patterns and beliefs form the matrix in which we construct the scenarios of our action/life. What happens if even one parameter of that matrix is shaken? A whole lot of tumbling around… innit!! So this week, it would be a very good idea to make note that we do things the way we do, because we think that is the way, and nothing stops us from considering, experimenting, acknowledging or creating any other way. Let us expand our boundaries!

By the time the third week of May has rolled around, we would have likely lost sight of the fact that we were supposed to be observing our ‘relating’ behaviour! The pressure to take action is intensely felt. Often, then, we would give in to that pressure and take action out of habitual behaviour patterns. It is all right… the Universe is expansive enough to fit us all in at all times. But just imagine what a golden moment we have in our hand right now! Literally, a laser torch to slice through the rock-like hardness of our beliefs which are holding us prisoners to a world that perhaps is now defunct! So, it would the best of ideas to work hard at aligning ourselves to our dreams, rather than working at correcting the world as it is… since work hard we must!

The fourth week of May will offer us some lucky breaks if we have kept our focus on understanding how we relate to the world we have created. We will see coming into our experiences that which we have asked for. And the momentum of their appearance will be low enough for us to handle it all with ease. There will also be a sense of time available to slow down and ponder on the significance of what we are experiencing, and may be, change tracks if we want to… Perhaps there will be a growing sense of being creative, as well, and a willingness to re-create how we are looking at things relative to ourselves! How wonderful would that be!

And the month will wrap up by helping us realise that our manifest world is the mirror which shows us how we relate to ourselves, which is the only relationship that is foundational in our life. Difficulties and hardships can show us where we are hard on ourselves. Abundance shows us where we are gentle and allowing, as the nature of the universe is abundant. Our willingness to see more than we already know will then present us with a malleable and compliant world…
We stand to discover that our world is created by us. And we discover it to the degree of our preparedness.

How does it get better than that!


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