“Coming home is a thrill….” for the dear TAURUS!!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Taurus:

TaurusDaisyHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Taureans! taurus

As I suspect many of you are already feeling it in your bone-marrow, you are going to have a marvellous year, this year! How does it get better than that!
If you do want a fanfare and an elaborate jig that announces to all your success, you can have that, too. But the space in which you are is joy enough for you, and if you have come home to roost, you are the happiest camper. You would leave raucous celebrating for… ummm… others of such orientation!

Hold that thought… Coming home.

In your recent past you have been working really hard on some things which have managed to shake you deeply. Perhaps, for some of you, your ideas about life, and world in general, have been challenged. It has not been disastrous, as you have had your wits and powers of reasoning about you. But it has certainly seemed as though you stand a chance to be made ‘wrong’.
In all those things, dear Taurus, you are now poised to bring in stability and understanding. Your alignment has been reset to ‘harmony’, and your movement forward, this year, will be vastly different and more in tune with the person you are. So, everything that had spun you out, will now gently bring you home. In fact, for some of you, the coming year will be one you will fondly reminisce about later, remarking about it as though it started a new chapter for you!

For those born on and between April 21st and April 30th:
You, amongst all Taureans, will be able to home in on your natural self this year. Whatever has been your challenge, is now past. If you have gathered its fruits, assimilation will be very seamless and in the flow. You would now want to behave only the way your inner self wants, and that would be a Very Good Idea, indeed! Particularly, if your challenges had been at work or health, they will settle down and become compliant in just the manner that stabilises you. It will also be a good year to gift yourself something, anything that you think will elevate you in the long run, such as a course of study you have always wanted to do, and did not get time for, earlier. Count your blessings and they will take you to infinity!
Health will settle down. Wealth will start a new and more settled course. Relationships may shape up according to your will.,

For those born on and between May 1st and May 10th:
I modify ‘coming home’ to ‘settling down’, for you.
For everything that you have been striving to achieve and were wanting to see progress, you are going to settle down into a groove that will be largely satisfactory. It might be ‘better’, or it might even start to make sense exactly the way it is. The point is that you will be in energies that will keep casting you into sensible activities, and thus, the experience will be progressive. You are an achiever by nature, so things working towards achievement please you. You will feel confident of yourself, so you will be more than willing to wait for results to appear at their proper time of fruition. And that, they will.
Health will improve. Wealth will be better utilised. And relationships may show you a different and new world!

For those born on and between May 11th and May 20th:
For you, the theme of this year is ‘finding your groove’. And that is what you are going to do. You have dealt with challenges this past couple of years rather well… better than most in your place. It would be uplifting energy to acknowledge that you are an awesome being. Your streak of being too demanding of yourself does say that you do know of your brilliance; however, perhaps this year is a good time to start to live your excellence, instead of continuously trying to achieve it. So, things that you have been striving to set up as a structure and routine, are in place. You can now commence those routines. Be alert that it may not be as much fun to follow the regime you have set up, as it was in designing, but let me remind you that fun can come up in unexpected places. So, settle into the groove of what you have created over the past couple of years and discover the joy of watching your orchard come to fruit!
Health will benefit with a shift towards more activity in addressing issues. Wealth will see a growth, and perhaps a growth in savings, as well. Relationships will help you learn more about life.

How does it get more awesome than that!


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