“APRIL is a Promise….”

Mundane Tarot Update for the month of APRIL, 2015: April2015

The vernal equinox this year also sees a solar eclipse, and that is a pointer to a month of far-reaching excitements. The only point to take note of here is whatever is far-reaching usually does not appear any kind of noticeable at first… so we may sail through the month thinking all kinds of humdrum things about it. However, and this is a big however, nearly everything we do, conceive, act upon, leave for later, ignore… will be getting themselves sown in our Secret Garden! And the time is Spring!
At the start of the month, many of us are facing core life-lessons. Some of us have understood them, and blessings be upon our efforts or lack, thereof. Others have not seen anything as dramatic as life-lessons, and blessings be on them, of ease and good cheer. The whole month, and each day of it, will bring us through situations of mundane faces and great import.

The first week of April will see us attempting to impose some sort of discipline on the way we express our feelings. Some will think it is about restricting feelings; be alerted here that feelings cannot be restricted. We can, however, understand what kind of expectations we have conditioned ourselves into and thus can start to build a new behaviour, depending on what feels good to us. It will be a draining, exhausting week, unless…! Unless we wake up to the opportunity that exists in falling into hot soups! It’s nourishing! I kid you not… this week is a fast track to soul expansion, through tribulations which will not remain for long.

The second week of April asks us to discern what constitutes evolution in our life. Is it that we do away with everything that triggers our ire? Or is it that we clench our teeth, bite the bullet and go through even those that we don’t want? So, the idea is to take a good, hard look at our lives, and change only those things… mind you, here, Only Those Things… that need changing. And they are not many. They just need us to identify them properly, else for the want of a nail, a kingdom will be lost. It may be that we have done without the nail for so long that our limping horse is now our normal gait, but this is precisely the kind of things to which we need to wake up. Is our normal so because we are used to it, or because it makes us high-energy? Let’s choose to heighten our energy, then.

The third week of April keeps up the heat on us. Everything we engage in, whether asleep or awake, will ask us whether we are living the life we want to live. If we are, then notch it up, buddy. And if we aren’t, it is time to declutter our beings and being-ness. For some, it will be time to answer the rise of passion that they are feeling in their heart. For others, events and situations will border on the trying and the excessive. And the point for all will be to learn what to give up and make space for dreams and desires. It would be a very good idea all around to take excellent care of our health. In fact, this week, health should be our top-most priority.

The fourth week of April will seem much more normal, though there are chances of being too fast, too soon, too charged up about everything. Yes, it is time to get our show on the road, but there is actually no hurry. The intense energy that we have built up for our use, over the past three weeks, will be spent just as well if we go about our business with judicious ease. There is no need to hurry, though there is every need, and opportunity, to get things moving. Communication should be a priority, so it is a good idea to pay attention to whether we are saying what we mean or eating our words!

By the time the month ends, the powers that be that are charging us up, are ready to help us wind down and take stock of all activity. There are some things that we can accomplish only in solitude, and when April ends, we may be craving that solitude and down-time for ourselves. Catch your breath, and let off steam. April may end with some real or metaphorical showers to cool off the heat. And also to remember, as we have been reminded through the month, that to evolve is to enhance what we want enhanced, and to identify and cast away what we do not want.

Cheers to that good old All-Well bit!!!


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  1. bodhimoments
    Apr 01, 2015 @ 11:02:50

    Blessings be!


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