For The Days Through 17th March to 24th March, 2015:

Mundane Tarot update for the third week of March…. 17-24March'15

As we know already about the third week of March, we are reminded that “Giving up the familiar is not as scary as it is touted to be…”
Yes, is it necessary? Is it even an option? What is wrong with sticking to the familiar? And is there a guarantee that the new will be better?
And there is just one who can answer these questions for you. Yourself.
If what you are doing is very satisfactory, there is no need to change. Unless you want to. If what you are doing is quite unsatisfactory, then there is indeed a need for change. Unless you don’t want to.
You see, what you do will, and always does, depend on what you want to achieve. Since intent shows up as the outcome, alignment with your intent, and awareness of it can help you be satisfied with the outcome.
And the story of this month is about our exploration into our feelings, particularly through being misaligned and having opportunities to correct it.
This week offers us the opportunity to witness the efficacy of our processes through their outcomes at this time, and perhaps, if we so wish, an opportunity at redoing.

All, as always, is well!


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