For The Days Through 1st March to 8th March, 2015:

As we have been alerted in the monthly update for March, “….a tremendous amount of transformative energy is backing us up.” 1-8March'15

Whether we have a dynamo behind us or a clean sweep of the arctic, we are usually just engaged in life as usual. It is not yet within the general awareness to be ‘aware’, so to speak, of universal changes in everyday, ordinary moments. This unawareness can be treated as a marvellous opportunity, however, as taking every moment as a herald for transformation of life, and treating it as such. So, this week, it would be simply awesome to peg away at everything as though it is the key to our magic doorway to instant nirvana, or conversely, to choose only what seems magical to us at this moment and peg away at it.
There is much value in digging for your own truth.


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