MARCH “….cleaving the murk of thaw…” !

March2015Mundane Tarot update for the month of March, 2015:  What March offers us to attain is unique. It is an opportunity to experience our brilliance through limitations. It is an opportunity to accept the nature of being human, in the face of expectations and conditionings that perhaps can make automatons or reactionaries out of us. However dramatic this pronouncement may sound, we will experience this in little everyday ways that are already part of our regular lives.
So, if we are not looking to be enchanted, we won’t be.
But, if we do believe in magic, here is what is going on, largely behind our scenes and senses…

Through the first week of March, while we are going through life as usual, a tremendous amount of transformative energy is backing us up. So, suppose we know it… how exactly is it going to create an impact on your regular life right now? It won’t. But sure as dawn creeps in every day, unfailingly, we will come to know that those dreams, aspirations, desires that we still have in the corner of our hearts can and will get another chance at coming to life. This time around, we can be ready to take a step at a time, instead of trying to demolish the regular and the usual all at one swipe. It would be a very good idea this week, to pick up something that you aspire towards, and start practising how to include it in your life. Just remember, it will show up in the long-term, not right away.

The second week of March, (how fabulous is this!) can then give us the opportunity to consolidate our practice of dawning awesomeness. That dream at which you are chipping away is also getting ready to fit into your life. Check with all the changes you need to make in your daily life to fit it in, and jealously guard this budding inclusion. Take a page from Mother Earth’s manual, and stay focussed on this new sapling of your life. It is going to be taking a lot of time growing into your new life overnight… so use this week’s energies to be patient, consolidate what you know you already have to your benefit, and feed hope.

The third week of March, in this respect, can then be a tad challenging, mainly because we will have second thoughts. Then third and fourth ones, as well. So what? Giving up the familiar is not as scary as it is touted to be. And besides, changes happen over seasons. And everything has consequences… it is Law! When in doubt, imagine. So, when you doubt your sanity in attempting to fulfil a dream, imagine your dream as already fulfilled… How does that feel? You don’t have to do the opposite, even as an intellectual exercise, because you have spent enough time without your dream. This week, when reason and sanity bang on your door, focus on giving yourself all the reasons you can for wanting to reach your next level.

The fourth week of March will connect you again to your first week, in more evident ways. You will be keenly aware of the changes you have already set in motion, and their fallouts. You can use this energy to shine your light stronger… if there are showing up side-effects of being awesome, allow them to peel away and fall off like old leaves. You are going to be making people uncomfortable, but they are those people who are invested in keeping you where you are. This can, then, be your week of truth. Your choice is not between your growth and other people’s comfort. Your choice is between your growth and your stagnation. Simple, isn’t it!! We also need to now be aware of that thing we call truth. At best, in our daily lives, truth is subjective. So subjective, in fact, that many times in establishing a truth reveals it to be a falsehood for someone not engaged in your version of reality. The point of this nugget is to recognise that you need to only accept your version of reality, for your life. Even when a dearly beloved is having a meltdown because of your truth not being theirs, stick to your guns. Remember? True love…? It is unconditional.

This last bit is for those of us dear souls who would rather be where they are. March can come and go, life goes on forever. So, on the face of it, there will be some tough emotional adjustments to be made this month. The ways we adopt to make those adjustments will be varied and difficult in themselves, but we will be pretty successful, eventually. The deep truths that will be woken up within can go back to sleep when we are done. But in the process, some of us will have some break-ups and melt-downs. It will be sudden when it does happen, but it will be possible to pick up the pieces and put life back together fairly well. Nothing needs to be dramatic if we don’t want them to be. Living your life does not have to make you uncomfortable. Your choice of staying in a comfort-zone, which has been hard won anyway, is as justified and valid as any other choice. Bless our hearts and all is well! March storms… how does it get better than that!


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