A Renewed Victory…. Pisces!!!

piscesHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Pisces! (19th February to 20th March)   daffodil-pisces

Universally, you are going through a deep change of life, so foremost, much blessings, good wishes and God-speed to you!

For some years now, and especially for the past couple of them, you have been developing a sense of who you are. Many of you may have experienced a lack of clarity when you have attempted to express yourselves; most of you may have even decided that it is redundant to even make that attempt… And you are all right with simply going with the flow. Perhaps, you have made your energies available to whoever needed you, your good wishes and calming presence. In the bargain, some of you have come to the conclusion that there is not much significant about who you are, unless it is in reflection or in service to others who are rather unlike you. In essence, what you have discovered about yourself is there is nothing much there that is different or separated from everybody else…

And this is your beauty, dear Pisceans; you make everybody feel accepted for who they are.
Has this come at a cost?
From here onwards, particularly this year of your solar return, you are going on an inward journey. For better or for worse… though it is certainly going to be for the better! You are going to coalesce all that you have learnt about yourself, your world and your feelings, and make an attempt to utilise this learning as a blue-print to plan your future. Though you are a person who would rather go with whatever flow you find yourself in, from this moment, you are going to try and get a grip on your world.
It is a very good thing!
For many, health, and jobs, will stabilise. For some, relationships will develop depth. For others, you may uncover new abilities within yourself. For all of you, however, the magic that will be yours this year is self-discovery… and a way to hang on to that sense of self, if you so want.

For Pisceans born on or between February 19th and 29th:
You, amongst all Pisceans, will have a clearly lit path ahead of you. That on which you have developed focus over the past couple of years is your current light. Follow it through, step by step. Go from what you already know to perfecting that knowledge… irrespective of what it is. Not only will this attitude give you a sense of stability, you will also see success externally even with your focus turned inwards. And your health will also improve. I would also throw finances into the mix, if you are interested!

For Pisceans born on or between March 1st and 10th:
You have a good going, too, so keep your focus on that which has already grabbed your attention over the past two years. For you, there will be revealed a need to bring about a change in your approach. The exact change will be in terms of developing a creative outlook to even the most predictable path, in order to tap into invisible potentials. You will have tremendous support from your guardian angels, so you can go ahead and explore all of yourself, fearlessly! Health and finances will be stable.

For Pisceans born on or between March 11th and 20th:
You may not have as well-lit a path as other Pisceans, but your gift is different. You have developed over a few years an uncanny ability to pursue a goal. In fact, you have learnt it from others and have now brought it close to perfection. So, even if the path is not clear, your ability should tell you what you can already use to your benefit. Just keep at it and after a few months, you will feel the going getting easier and smoother. Your health and finances will improve over the year.

Have a very happy birth anniversary, all of you!!!


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