Working through the weeks: 15th to 21st of February, 2015

15-21February'15 The Third Week Of February, 2015:
This week marks in us “a tendency to assume greater speed of action than we are ready for”, as we have already read in the monthly update for February. Sometimes, it is warranted and can be absorbed, especially if we are working at projects that will need to be culminated soon. At other times, such as in matters of relationships and creative pursuits, such proactive energies may not quite be what we need. If that seems counter-intuitive, we will just need to check in with the duration of engagement we are looking at. For life-long relationships, dramatic actions may not achieve what patience can. So we sure need to match the duration of the endeavour with the speed we need to put into it. Perhaps, we also need to let long-term commitments lie low for now, and focus on completing everything that is sitting on our plate waiting to be done.

Be wise and wise will be!


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