FEBRUARY…. “…. Spring violets under the snow!”

Mundane Tarot update for FEBRUARY, 2015:February2015

The month of February presents us with the opportunity to understand all our relationships and the way we maintain them. For FebruaryMore often, we associate relationships with a kind of commitment; the biological one, or the marriage, or the legal. If we do not have a sense of commitment, then we would not term it a relationship. Perhaps it would be an intense interaction, exploring the possibility of turning into a relationship… but not yet one. Thus, commitment is key.

This month, let us look at all the actions and reactions we have within relationships, and how we attempt to hold a relationship to its declared regulations. Perhaps, we would also need to look at how we obstruct individual growth in the name of relationships, or how we deal with our expectations and the fulfilment thereof.

The very first week will ask us to put to rest all the fixed ideas we have had about how things should be in the definition of a relationship. What if they are not that way? What if we are experiencing dissonance? How are we going to reach for equilibrium, again? It would be great if we could remind ourselves at this exact point that dissonance with another is often a conflict emerging within the self. So, if we are feeling as though our individuality is non-existent within the demands of a commitment, perhaps this is a gateway into a new perspective. It can be wonderful, even if painful!
Small wonder, then, that the second week causes a new emergence. We would be in a better place to redefine relationships. There will be a growing identification with emotions and feelings that are engaged in those commitments that keep us engaged; hopefully, we will include a lot more honesty this time around, to detoxify feelings and set up a purer interaction. Acceptance will need to appear large.
The third week is challenging, as there might be a tendency to assume greater speed of action than we are ready for. In matters of business, professional or work relationships, correct or impassioned action may carry the day. But in personal relationships, it might be a better idea to temper your energy, as there is a goodly chance of missing the other person’s point of view… which would cause a sharp downturn, instead of the improvement you are looking for. Easy does it.
The fourth week, consequently, can prove to be a blessing… in disguise. Blessing, because there is a certain dawning of understanding of the way the constants and variables of the equations in relationships are currently working; and in disguise, because all is not happy-making. However, if we pick up the lesson and ignore the plate on which it is delivered, we will stand to gain, and deepen and intensify the treasure of our existing bonds.

It would be of great, great help… and oft-forgotten, though, this month… to remember that the best way upsets in interactions are handled is to pause, breathe deeply, recall the original cause of this relationship that is troubling you at this moment… breathe again and wait. Understanding does not come through pushing and shoving. In an engagement of emotions, there cannot exist warfare. In hope, there cannot exist strategy.
It will also be of great help to all to be grounding oneself, consciously and regularly.

There is great love and happiness here.


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  1. 11ismagic
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 10:32:05

    This sounds exactly the way January was for me 🙂 Hope February is better! You write so beautifully!! Muah


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