Working Through The Weeks: 25th to 31st of January, 2015

For the week of 25th to 31st of January, 2015: 25-31January'15
As we already know from the monthly update for January, 2015, “The fourth week may make us behave a little all over the place… unless we have set our priorities to work for us. The flip side is in having to work for our priorities, instead…”
This is a great opportunity. We have a time where we would see the need to be as busy as our little home-elves. Is there a better way of utilising this energy than getting in all the things you have been meaning to attend to, all on your tray right away? You are likely to get most things done, if you breathe deeply and go at them calmly. If you allow yourself to be frazzled, then your stuff will be, too. Or else, there is something else that is bothering you, and you need to look into that first.
Whatever it is, we are in an awesome place to get a lot of the mundane accomplished, without too much hassle about all those great existential questions!
Have a great week!


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