Working Through The Weeks: 17th to 24th of January, 2015

For the week of 17th to 24th of January, 2015: 17-24January'15
As mentioned in the update for the month of January…
“The third week will, then, show us how effective (or not) are postulates we develop about our emotional realities. Do we really want to stay with the idea of the ilk of “nobody ever understands how hard I work”… and so on?”
Now, after the week just past, you could be quite suspicious about this ‘feeling’ thing… whether it is at all everything it is cracked up to be, or actually it is a morass that sucks you in when you are not armed with ‘reason’. So consciously or otherwise, you are going to reach out for something stable. It is going to appear as people who seem to understand your predicament and have all the right answers that have worked as precedence… or you are going to dig out from within yourself beliefs and postulates which support stereotypical behaviour. To a large extent, you will feel relief (there is that ‘feel’ word, again!)… It is all right to carry on in this vein of relief and move to your next phase. If you are in the slightest bit curious, you might remember that to a drowning man, a floating log is a relief… not the solution to his problem. So, stereotypical answers are good for questions of the same nature; yet, if you discover that they, too, are not working for you, then this week is the ideal energy situation to figure out what you do actually want.
For many, health issues that already exist will peak before breaking. Many who are suffering one way or the other will find a kind hand to hold. There is much love for all here.


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