Working Through The Weeks: 1st to 8th of January, 2015

For the week of 1st to 8th of January, 2015:

As mentioned in the monthly update for January 2015… ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
“The first week will ask us to look into how we strive to achieve, and whether we are taking into consideration our existing realities.”
Most of what we do is based on what we already know or believe. There is a surety and confidence in acting out of knowing. The flip side is in imagining that the only action can be from this knowing or there can be no correct action without this knowing. Yet, our desire to move to the next stage of wherever we are, gives birth to new possibilities, even out of the range of our knowledge. This is very reassuring of the contiguity of Universal Energies, if we can open up to that reassurance. Most often, we don’t offer ourselves the opportunity of a beginner’s mind…. which knows it does not know and is eager to know.
This week, our beginner’s mind is dormant.
Old habits will keep popping up through the delicate fabric of New Year’s resolutions!


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