Working Through The Weeks: 4th Week Of December….


25th to 31st December, 2014: 25-31December'14
The week past should have showed us opportunities to clear our heads. Did you? How wonderful it could seem to get out of our heads, sometimes, and live in the realm of possibilities! Again, did you?
This week, the desire within us to experience all things correct and ordained can guide us in our perspective. There will crop up situations where we may find the correct thing needs to change, because it is not showing us the results we want. So what should be the thing to do, or believe, or act upon? Or there could be situations where you decide upon your course of action basing your judgement on time-tested wisdom. Or there could be the revelation that times, too change.
In all, the energies this week will have a long-lasting effect. So pay close attention.


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