“The Crowning Fortune….” for Capricorns!!!

Mundane Tarot update for Capricorn, for their year ahead: Capricorn

carnations-capricornHappy Birth Anniversary! 
You have come a long way… and boy! Have you been determined! The good news is that you are on your right path. Is there a bad news, then? No. However, there is a caveat which says that you must not now develop the idea that all the struggle you have already put in is because life is a struggle. Life is most certainly not a struggle… as you now have an opportunity to find out.

In your new year, focus on that objective for which you have been struggling and warring… perhaps for the past few years. You have been spending far more energy on this particular aspect of your life than was perhaps warranted. Now the time has come to close this chapter; either insist on receiving the fruits of your labour, or move on. You don’t have to keep fighting for what is yours, anymore. Demand it and get it… or else, be very honest with yourself that you don’t want it any more and let go of it. There are other, more aligned things waiting for your attention. The past few years of struggle have actually been honing your ‘you’-ness. Certainly, use your inner compass to guide you towards what might reveal itself to be your Calling. You certainly have a great deal of respect for achievers, but you can and will carve your own path this year. Nothing borrowed or modelled on another’s experience will do for you!

For those born on and between…

22nd December and 30th December:
You will be developing a growing sense of stability for your enthusiastic endeavour. This year will be great to understand your personal success formulas and note them down for repetitive use. You will, also, through using your own formulas, discover their limitations. That can be a good thing, as you can then focus on intensifying what you are doing into growing larger and bigger. So do not indulge in self-doubt when you spot those limitations. Instead, treat them as the boundary wall of the current garden you are growing, and allow it to protect your young saplings.
Health will need focussed care. Do what works for you to stay healthy. Don’t force yourself to try what does not work for you.

31st December and 9th January:
You have cultivated hard work and struggle as your ways, already. This year, you must be alert to being shown that what you are aiming to achieve through that ‘hard work and struggle’ formula, can also be achieved with ease and effortlessness, just because you are entitled to have whatever you want. Enthusiasm is in your nature and you can be just as enthusiastic and proactive with ease and faith. Allow your growing understanding of life to also teach you this. Else, you will find yourself encountering far more resistance to your ways than is needed. Would you want that?
As at ease you learn to be, so will your health be good. The more you struggle, the more you will aggravate your body’s fuelling system.

10th January and 19th January:
You already have a very good idea what the fruits of your ambition should look like. This year, you stand to gain all of them. What you need to do to make sure you get what you have deserved for a few years now… is to trust, trust and trust in your innate wisdom. You must exercise your trust in yourself even when you feel like the last man standing… and especially then. Your efforts are at your service, and you are the creator of your life; so make sure you get the service as you need… and not as inertia drives all objects! All your clues will lie in whatever makes sense to you.
Health will be better than expected, so learn to trust your good sense in matters of corporeal well-being, as well!

Have a great year ahead!!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bear Medicinewalker
    Jan 12, 2015 @ 11:56:16

    validations for what I have been whispered by Spirit..thank you much for sharing you… Hugs ~ bear


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