Working Through The Weeks: 3rd Week Of December….

17th December to 24th December, 2014: 17-24December'14
The week past has showed us the existence of a lot of baggage within our mind-set… has it not! Some, we can now discard. Others, let us unpack and start using, if we will. In all, by now, we have a pretty good idea of where we stand.

This week, we have an opportunity to sift through our beliefs and find out which ones are serving our purpose. What do we do with the ones that do not seem to make us happy? Here is the catch… What do you want to do? It is time to understand the role of our thoughts in the creation of our circumstances. So, what if you discover you have created something you do not now like or want any more? This one is simple, if we take it to be so. Create anew.
Choose to think thoughts that help you feel the alignment to your innate nature of love, light and happiness… is the task set to us this week.


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