DECEMBER…. Is Magic Again!


As we pull to the end of Gregorian 2014, we are in a mood to ponder over our experiences of the year past, and project our hope on to the year coming up. Much of the energies of the month of December allows for retrospection, as well as setting goals for the new year.
However, we have to let go of certain ideas that have been hanging around, apparently unfinished as business. It will not be obvious, but it is actually complete, and likely, it is not acceptable to some of us. It would be a good idea to get on with the days, instead of trying to rectify things from the recent past. Not necessary. The month ahead promises a good chance to set some solid goals, so let’s move on.
December asks us to be aware that for all our own completeness, we are… each one of us… also a part of the bigger picture. It is not necessary to know the bigger picture right away, but it is absolutely essential to understand that each milestone we cross helps us grow and evolve further… for what purpose? You got it! The bigger picture! So let us keep asking ourselves through the month, “What else is possible?”

Keeping the goal of the month in mind, the path through the weeks would be like this…
The first week might find us a tad over-enthused about taking action on everything and anything in sight. I am thankful right up, right now that we won’t be very successful! However, whatever we think of completing and closing will receive good, clear energy. Remember the hangover we discussed at the beginning of this article? Well, clear that one out, do.
The second week will bring in a bit of grounding, though we will still be pushing and chaffing at the reins that seem to be settling down and around our muzzles. It is a good time to understand the practical aspects of action we think we need to take.
The third week will afford us ample scope to think for ourselves about our place in the scheme of things and realign ourselves with what makes sense to us. Try not to rush, though, as the way is still one foot in front of the other, one day at a time!
The fourth week, we shall again be able to focus on the practical aspects of expressing our life-work. Everyday is that one day, and the sum-total of everydays makes up our whole living on earth… so here is an opportunity to go with what you can see, understand and believe, and grow through that. Interestingly, we may find pertinent guidance echoing down to us from the ancients. Christmas, anyone?

The surprise element is reserved for those of us who understand early on in the month, that being part of the bigger picture entails just keeping on at being yourself, to your honest ability. In doing so, as practical steps, we get immediate and practical results, which also contribute to keeping us steady on our path. Is that really a surprise?

By the end of the month, we will be far more ready to face the new year, than we were at the beginning. We, in fact, will be ringing a rocking new year in!!!

Have the happiest December yet, folks!


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