“My NOVEMBER Guest…!” Part 1

TAROT UPDATE FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER, 2014…. November2014 PART 1: (Please click here for Part 2) Speaking for myself, there should now be nary a doubt in my mind just how wonderful life is! Welcome to November!
Here we are in a time-space, when we get to know, do and be the right thing by our own merry selves!
From October, we carry with us into November a particular gleaning that we are probably very responsible for our own lives, and we would now be correct!
November encourages us to take action wherever we want to take action… and please do notice that “want” bit. So do not take action if you do not want to. You’d be doing yourself a favour by knowing what you want.

The first week of November will have us work hard at proving our stand, opinion, point of view… and getting there. Just don’t be too obstinate about it. No one else wants your point of view, so you can let others have theirs.
The second week will have us back up and relearn. Unlearn is not part of it, but making sure you have your foundation steady certainly is. This will help you fill up loop-holes, so be glad in advance.
The third week is, well, a more intense, rapid and focussed version of the first two weeks. So, everything you do, say, be will take part in your identity. Don’t crib. This is a boon. You are developing a clear sense of self-identity.
The fourth week will again bring to your notice that your actions express your Self and the repercussions/ outcome of your actions are your reward for being yourself. Notice, being understood to your satisfaction is not part of this deal. So focus on being satisfied with how you express yourself.
The surprise of the month is in finding a need in yourself to revisit lessons from the past; hopefully, you will take a re-look at how, in the past, you have manifested as you have felt… and not as you have wanted. So this is your big, clean-up-your-act moment.
By the time November wraps up, all of us would have a very strong desire to tell ourselves, “I told you so!” You will be that much closer to understanding the amazing power of your feelings… closer, not quite there yet, but in a far better place than at the beginning of this year. I, for one, am going to keep my eyes peeled for those dang “feelings”!!! What about you?


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