The Wonderful Wizard…… Scorpio!

Peonies_ScorpioHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Scorpios! scorpio_symbol

And have you a fantastic year ahead of you, say! You do!

First off, this is the one line you need to keep in your sight, all year, this year…

“Move to the next level of that which you have already conquered!”
So how does it get better than that!
You have come through some deepening and broadening experiences. All of them, whether good, bad or plain mediocre, had one thing in common. They challenged you, pushed you and brought you to an edge. Turns out, it is the leading edge! If you stop to take stock of your life right now, you will find at least one area where you have struggled and won, especially by virtue of efforts you have made. Now, don’t stop here to rest on your laurels. This year, you have a splendid opportunity to take your achievement to the next level and perhaps, also involve a larger area of life in those energies. So, if you have acquired a degree, immediately identify a specialisation. If you have been courting, decide on the next level. If you have earned yourself a difficult promotion, design a new project. If you have won a battle, design a diplomatic take-over…
You get the picture!
You are now in the perfect place to start your new world, from the window already created by the success of your earlier efforts, whatever they are.

If you are born on and between 23rd October and 1st November, it will be difficult for you to understand the preciseness of the message mentioned above. You have certain areas of your life which have not afforded you much satisfaction yet, and you are going to want to push against that dissatisfaction for some more time. Your logic would be that if there are good things available, they should be available everywhere, and you should be able to utilise them to take care of the bad things, instead of making the good things better. That as may be, but that is not what this energy is about. It is momentum gathered through effective action, and it will serve only that area which has turned up well from the recent past. If you can attempt to focus on that, you will do very well, and eventually, the time to better the bad will also come about. If you still keep focussing on the not-quite-there-yet, you are likely to influence your health a tad negatively. The good news is that the good can’t be kept too much at bay, and will surge forward anyway… only, not at the brisk pace it deserves. How about you think over this for a while? Good luck…!

If you are born on and between 2nd November and 12th November, you will do the best of all Scorpios, as you will be able to tune into the potential of improvement at the precise level it has occurred, and rush ahead, in spite of also wanting to have all areas of your life improve equally. You will understand that growth does not have to be set on a graphic equaliser and it is all right to attend to different things at different times. This attitude will also help you to open up more as you consciously move to the next level, thus helping yourself to that special synchronicity that appears for people who encourage it! The only bit of concern, which can be easily assuaged, is that your health may be susceptible to infections. Remember, it can be easily handled by whichever method is convenient to you.

If you are born on and between 13th November and 22nd November, you are likely to over-think the opportunity for growth, by viewing it as limited in scope, rather than as focussed in opportunity. It would be a shame, actually, as however sumptuous a banquet is, it is possible to eat only a mouthful at a time! So, make an attempt to accept what you get. As you build on what you have already achieved, it is possible that you become such an expert that developing the underachieving parts afterwards will be a snap! Your main problem seems to be confusion, so to resolve that, understand that confusion results from comparing end results perceived from the starting-point. Looking at things from the point of view of how you feel about them results in clarity. Think of this, and take care of the effects of tension and stress on your health.

Have an awesome year ahead!!!


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  1. swetang
    Nov 04, 2014 @ 11:11:57

    Brilliant & very relevant… !!!


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