Gypsy Blood Astir… it’s OCTOBER! (Part 1)


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Welcome to October!

What are you still carrying on from September? Perhaps, nothing that is particularly noticeable… I would still encourage you to check your trust levels in the universe. Do you think you can let go trying to micro-manage your life, and focus on just the task at hand? It would be, and will certainly be very, very helpful…! (Get out of your own way, buddy! September is done!)

So, what exactly is the task at hand in October? The short version says, everything you have already picked up and lugged on your shoulders. If you are completely aware of everything that you are doing and are also exercising the good sense of delegating tasks that do not strictly need you, you are doing wonderfully. However, if you have stayed somewhat uninformed when making the decision to be the tough guy, you will have plenty of opportunities down the weeks of October to redo your task.

The first week will have you either finding those exact people who can help you with short-term tasks before they move on, or you imagining they are here to stay. The second week can help you find a more stable state through realising that sometimes, the connection between people is based on a purpose that the connection can serve, and nothing beyond. Else, you could try to concoct ways and means to hold back with you the first person who offered to help. The third week will see an understanding dawn of what you need to let go to be able to do justice to tasks that really, really need you, else you could be inviting worries and anxieties which nobody and nothing can help you with. And the fourth week will see you appreciative of the help that you can get when you need, or else will have you trying to relieve the pain of your burdens through short bursts of indulgent activities…Ummm, so you may have noticed the either-or nature of the passage of this month. It is thus, and so, if you have not noticed, then you could be allowing yourself to be jerked around by your being unprepared to shoulder more responsibilities than you need to.

The surprise element of October will be in the immense relief you may get through simply understanding your own capacity and chipping away at life through your lens. Does this seem counter-intuitive? Then check what knowing your own limits does for you, against every either-or scenario mentioned above. Sometimes, it can be amazing how completely ungrounded we can become… and how much we stand to benefit if we make the effort to reconnect with our inner self.

The month will wrap up with the gift of an opportunity for us to understand how we may tend to use emotional connections to satisfy needs of unemotional natures… and thus make ourselves vulnerable to disappointment. Emotions are our personalised signatures of where we stand… not strings to tie others in service to us.

Wishing everybody the power to now assimilate the ascension!!!


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  2. bodhimoments
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 20:54:33

    Looking for that inner self to connect to… Where be it?


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