And The Award Goes To….. LIBRA!!!

Bluebells-LibraHAPPY BIRTH ANNIVERSARY!!! libra-symbol

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Librans! 

Get ready to have an awesome year ahead!


All people everywhere, in all walks of life have lives which are multi-dimensional. There are aspects in everybody’s life in which people feel in control, and other aspects in which they need help. What people experience is universal, and how they experience it is personal.

In your Solar year coming up, dear Librans, you are going to get on top of all the aspects that have bothered your mental peace… and how does it get better than that!

So, think of that part of your life where you have had a tough time finding balance, establishing harmony and being calm. You would have spent a lot of mental energy in those matters, and would have struggled to establish your point of view. Sometimes, you would have been misunderstood. At other times, you would have been frustrated. Some of you may have kept on at unravelling the knots at the very places they were occurring, without much discernible success. And far worse, you may have experienced some alienation.

Know what the gift was in all of that…?
That you have the ability to stand up for your convictions and persevere.

And now, you are about to enter a time of fruitful culmination… and especially in the aspects of life that had troubled you.
Through the year, you are going to experience a burgeoning sense of stability and fullness… a kind of now coming to rest after a turbulent race. Whatever your issue was, now it will stabilise and show the results of whatever efforts you had put in to make it so. This also means that the result will be commensurate with your effort. If some of you Librans think you had not been able to be very focussed back then when… here’s some good news for you, too. Start now. A year is a whole year, twelve months, three hundred and sixty five days… Your effort now will also show up fruitful at its correct time.
Also, with your marvellous mental faculties, be realistic. That will feel rewarding. If you stretch your fancy, real rewards will not be able to match that stretch.
And truly, deeply, really… stop worrying. It is over.

How does it get better than that!!!

If you were born between September 23rd and October 2nd, inclusive, then you, of all Librans, are likely to feel relief the deepest. Whatever had troubled you earlier and made you anxious, had done so with very noticeable effect on your psyche. It would be good for you to grasp firmly the growing sense of stability now, but also keep in mind that all of your experience is a part of the evolution your soul has determined. So throw nothing away out of fear. Let go of things only when you are ready to let go, not in a bid to escape the past.
Your health will get a little worse before getting better, and then, it will be a lot better.

If you were born between October 3rd and October 12th, inclusive, then you, of all Librans, are likely to be the most observant of how exactly the changes are taking place, and deeply appreciative of the improvement. You will also be the ones to remember that this change will be noticeable in only those portions of your life that were already troubled. So allow yourself now to be appreciative of the good things that are already present… and there are quite a few. You have had taken a few quick and apparently rash decisions in the near past. Now you can start to relax. They will turn out all right, or at least, you will get reliable opportunities for course-correction.
Health can steadily improve if you insist on practising calmness.

If you were born between October 13th and October 22nd, inclusive, you are starting your new year with a very good idea of why things were the way they were… so you are, of all Librans, the calmest. The only rub could be if you are uneasy in retrospect, which is a completely unnecessary exercise. If you already can see the logic behind the way things had turned out, then you are empowered to use that knowledge to your benefit… something you were not, earlier. And the deepening sense of stabilisation as the year passes can only enhance that empowerment. However, if you are thinking that having understood things is enough, then the year ahead may sometimes frustrate you with its apparent slowness and rigidity. Do, then, recall this word, “apparent”. If the paradigm that All is Well, is correct, then this slowness is not random, and perhaps more necessary than you can fathom right now. So, expand your consciousness when you become aware of wanting to speed up, and check what it is in your life that is asking for time to grow. Health will be as good as you treat yourself.

Have a totally awesome year, dear Librans, of gentle being!!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sridevi
    Oct 07, 2014 @ 19:29:45

    Thank you for this post, Mohini. Your reading is, as usual, incredibly accurate. I hope your wishes continue to help me in transforming my universe. I have been blessed with many gifts. However small this reading might be in its significance, it is a remarkable present. God bless. xo


  2. Jessica Macbeth
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 14:53:05

    Thank you — this helps! It’s wonderful to see some light on the path ahead.


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