Lovely tokens….! SEPTEMBER is here! (Part 1)

EngSeptemberTAROT Weather for this month!!!!

Here is Part 1…

(Click here for Part 2)

Carry-over from August:
A restlessness. A feeling that everything that should have been dealt with already is still not done. If we are not careful, we will give others the impression that we are spoiling for a fight… and we are so not! On the other hand, if it is in your nature to be up-sy and go-sy, generally, then you might want to check whether you do have something to go get busy with. Else, take a deep breath and start September. Nothing gets left behind. Everything will eventually get done.

Focus for September:
Now we are talkin’…! A marvellous month to pick yourself up and go after what you want. Especially if you have failed earlier. If you have been there, you already know how you feel about your thing. It is that thing which lingers on your mind and heart and dreams, and now is the time to start walking, working towards it. Too much is lost when we spend time wondering whether the outcome would be good for us. After all, if you are not enjoying the journey, then you will not enjoy the destination, either. On the other hand, memories of failures apart, if you know you love that darn thing to pieces, go for it. It is yours. And you will enjoy the journey.

Energies through the weeks:
The first week will see you trying too hard to rationalise and validate everything that you have set your heart on. It is unnecessary. However, this is beautiful energy if you can re-orientate it towards learning more about things that interest and excite you, and figuring out how to apply all that you learn.
The second week has very strong energies with respect to the mundane. So be fore-warned. Make sure you apply and work at things to your justifiable content. Also make sure that you don’t tire yourself out. And, if things turn confrontational, step back and recalibrate your understanding of applying your love of that which you engage with… Is warring part of it? Can competition be about how good you are?
The third week has the potential of “I told you so!” So, if you have been confrontational without a solid enough ground to stand on, then spend some time regretting words spoken in haste. And if you have refrained from such behaviour, and made the effort (I know, a huge effort!) to be proactive about your personal purpose, then you will see the glimmerings… of a dawn in sight. Really, a pretty straight-forward if-then week.
And the fourth week is our eye-opener… If we are up for it, this week is when we will know what exactly we have committed our lives to, and where we stand relative to our desires. Big words? They still live out in each practical moment of our lives. It is in the present moment that we have our challenges and sweetness… never mind the battles we are called out to do. At the very least, you will be spending some time considering all those things that you keep identifying with your Self, and why.

Surprise element:
And remember how August ended leaving you feeling a little confused? Well, this month, you will be reminded that the way to sort out confusion is through the reason for that confusion. Action will need to be taken once you have unravelled the reason. Action by itself will not resolve any confusion. Since you have now the knowledge, you can entrain your vibration to that knowledge, rather than living scattered.

Rounding up September:
September ends on a very uplifting note of empowerment… and that is how you choose to be is exactly how you choose to be. Understandably, there are consequences, and course-correction is part of the journey. However, your power is your ability to choose… not what you base your choice upon. Again, as the last week of September has shown you, when you become aware of the consequences of your choices, especially when you are living through those consequences from choices made earlier, you are informing your ability more and more. And as it is said, you are infinitely perfectible.


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