Lovely tokens…! SEPTEMBER is here! (Part 2)

EngSeptemberHappy September! Here is Part 2…

(Click here for Part 1)

(Please note: The guide uses Zodiac Signs according to date of birth, and not according to your Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Ascendant. There is no cusp.)

ARIES(March 21st-April 20th):
First off, you might carry over August energies into September, and that would be a very bad idea. So, be forewarned. This month has challenges that are not exactly your cup of tea, or any other refreshment, for that matter. However, you will have plenty of help to handle everything, or not. Even if things seem too grasping and convoluted for you, do not worry. Just keep surging ahead, because by the end of the month, all the big hue-and-cry over issues will have died down to embers of business-as-usual, and you will feel much relieved by such. In fact, a small event will provide an interesting turn, and may cast a long ripple into the future. So look at the days of the month as preparation to respond correctly when that event does come up. Take care of your health; do not allow energies to congest in your body.

TAURUS(April 21st-May 20th):
If you make up your mind to jump in the fray, for this is going to be an active month, you are going to have a very cordial time. The call of the month will motivate you enough to get all the opposition cowering, all your friends cheering and you, in a rare show of dramatics. However, September is not August, so don’t pitch for battles that should have been over last month, but are not. Let them go. Watch the new thriller. If you have indeed made up your mind, you are also going to be treated to a rare show of what goes on in other people’s lives and how everything affects the larger picture. It will be an interesting challenge to keep your health good, but you will manage.

GEMINI(May 21st-June 20th):       
Oh, you are going to love this month! Lots of challenging situations to wrap your curiosity around…! And enough quick changes to keep you on your toes! Never a dull moment will you have! So, all good? No. You just might miss the point of all this activity in which you will get caught up. It will be easy to side-track you, and you may be pounding off on the wrong gravel. So, stay alert as well as engaged. The plot revolves around, if you have read Part 1, going after dreams you had nearly lost, but still loved. Indeed, be as active as is demanded of you, but do keep a tab on how all of this expending of energy is helping your goal. Beware of flash fevers or over-excitement.

CANCER(June 21st-July 21st):
The month can be very good for you; basically, it is up to you. There are marvellous things to doing your own thing and getting your own way, but not always. Sometimes, it is awesome to be guided, and to have signposts and indicators along the way to mark your progress. And also, some cheering along the sidelines. While the days may prod out those parts of your nature that make you uncomfortable, if you believe you are well-guided by destiny, then you will be able to circumvent the discomfort and focus on productive effort. And grab the trophy. By the time the month ends, you may feel it is better past, but there could be a surprise in store for you. Make it good.

LEO(July 22nd-August 22nd):
There will be enough drama in the ensuing weeks to keep you occupied and engaged. However, this month will not be as productive for you as it would appear. Does that mean you will be disappointed? It could, if you miss the plot. And the plot is that this situation is actually a precursor to a more dramatic turn of events later on. So if you can adjust to the idea that a novel is not done in its first chapter, or first few, even, then you can ready yourself for some life-changing moments at the end of the month. Your health should be fairly well.

VIRGO(August 23rd-September 22nd):
Yes, we are in your phase of solar return, and yes, you have an awesome year ahead of you… including this month. What you need to do is to stay focussed on the job at hand, and mould the path of everything according to it. The energy of this month is supportive of your basic nature, even if the way it plays out seems all over the place. You might have to deal with choices later on, but you have the opportunity to prepare yourself well, and then it is easy. However, do keep a close watch on your health and do not get argumentative, even when provoked.

LIBRA(September 23rd-October 22nd):
Through all the struggle everyday, and yes, there will be struggle, you will have it good. Is struggle good? It could be, but what will be your diadem is the outcome will be completely worth all of it. Don’t feel intimidated by anything. If something has shown up in your horizon, you will be able to deal with it, and this month, you will also have loads of support. So, why won’t it feel on top of the world? Because there is a lesson in your current state of affairs, and by the time you get to the end of the month, you will know what it is for you, personally, and then, you may feel a deal load better! Keep calm, keep breathing and remember that overwhelm will cause ill-health. Just ask for help the moment you feel you need it. It is there.

SCORPIO(October 23rd-November 22nd):
Honestly, you may not like the feeling of things being slightly out of your grasp right now. And that being a practice to make you reach out further, will not hold water for you. So are you to remain dissatisfied this month? No. Not if you understand that each application brings through various streams of knowledge. Each day of yours requires you to be everything, everyday. So face up each day, and observe your own brilliance at play, instead of worrying over what you don’t quite get right now. It is merely story left for another day. Watch your health, though, and don’t indulge in wars of rationalising.

SAGITTARIUS(November 23rd-December 21st):
If you keep feeling that you have got a handle on things and that everything will be all right from now on, be sure to keep that in focus even around the big, skidding bends. Things will crawl towards better with great speed, and all the twists and turns are just to make you a better driver. Why? Because what you are cracking at right now is the short-term, not the long-term. So you are being prepared. If you stay alert, towards the end of the month you may even get glimmerings of the future, and the part you are meant to play to build it. For now, you have important things on your plate to deal with. Watch your exasperation.

CAPRICORN(December 22nd–January 19th):
If truth be told, you have a very close inkling of what the Karma is going on right now, but…! For all you keen sense of responsibility and your formidable abilities, you have absolutely no control over the outcome of things right now. What you do have control over is to keep calm and keep observing what is happening. Doing things your right way is still very much within your grasp. With your sense of equanimity, you may even get on top of things towards the end of the month. Be watchful and patient.

AQUARIUS(January 20th–February 18th):
Other than the fact that you may not be able to reason why things are the way they are, you have this month very good. So not figuring out the reason will not stop you from doing the right things and reaching the correct conclusions. It is possible that you get to learn more along the way, and perhaps even figure out other things. Eventually, you may be able to explain what went on this month, but not now. Be thankful for those folks who support you. Feeling clued out as you are, you might not have been as supportive, if the tables were turned.

PISCES (February 19th-March 20th):       
If you will diligently keep your focus on the central idea, whatever it is for you, then all the surrounding brou-ha-ha will not throw you. It will be difficult to stay focussed, but think of it this way… the ship is meant to carry you to the port, and not all the storms and waves and darkness can change that purpose. So hang on to your rudder. You might need to use your rational mind a tad more than usual. You may also find a way to improve your sense of well-being.



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