Actualisation!!! Destination…. VIRGO!


Happy birth anniversary, dear Virgoans! virgo-symbol




You are going to have a year rather fantastic by your own terms. You are likely to see the germination of all the seeds you have sown in your own garden, and especially the ones you tend. Which does mean that you need to stay alert to weeds, to changes of season, to over-complacency, and to impatience. Less chance of the last alert, though… so you should be putting up an awesome show! Congratulations!

What you basically need to focus on throughout your year is patience for the process. Of course, that does not mean that you keep hanging on to patience after the expiry date. However, poking out every sapling to check for the condition of its roots… or being restless that your tree has not flowered yet, will not serve you. This may seem a little far-fetched, given your nature… but, honestly, I am sure you have seen your own share of far-fetched things, by now. So have a step-by-step break-down of what you expect to happen when, and allow the process to unfold.
Particular aspects to the general energies mentioned above will be according to your day of birth, as given below…

August 23rd to September 1st:
Given that you have planted your things to manifest, and you are on the correct path of actualising your goals, you are perhaps the most clued-in of all Virgoans as to what needs to be done while you wait for your fruits. Sometimes, you will feel restless, but you will generally be able to quickly come back to track and keep pegging away. If you are unable to come back on track and frustration is getting the better of you, check your health. The better you are, the better you will be.

September 2nd to September 11th:
You, of all Virgoans, will have a year slightly difficult. If you know the reason why, you can get it well in your grip. The problem will be if you want to change your ideas for a better look, when the process is already on its way. This will not be a good idea when the season of growth has already started. You may sometimes feel you can pull it off by the dint of your ability to work hard. Perhaps it is time to consider that fruit of labour is not due to working hard, but is due to working smart. So, when you do have the urge to try again, make a note of your new idea and keep it for a later time. That, too, will come around. If you feel unable to conquer your urge to make drastic changes to your plans along the way, then please take a short break and remind yourself of the pros and cons of your projects.

September 12th to September 22nd:
A good year, and a steady year… keep your gaze focussed on your goal. You are likely to have many crops turning up ready to harvest through the year, and it is going to keep you very well encouraged and inspired. Remember that the harvest is the result of a process, and another round of such a process is happening right now. So, be aware and stay balanced… prepared to meet your goal when the time is right.

Have an amazing year ahead, dear Virgoans!


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