The August of All Months!!! Part 2

This is Part 2 of updates for August, 2014.
Click here to read Part 1, which speaks about the general energies for the month.

AUGUST… according to your date of birth: August2014

 (Please note: The guide uses Zodiac Signs according to date of birth, and not according to your Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Ascendant. There is no cusp.)

ARIES(March 21st-April 20th):
You are likely to feel more carried by circumstances than usual. The good part is that there will be so much that engages your energy that you might feel satisfied. The lesser part is that you may take your eyes off the fact that you are busy and focus on the possibility that you are being kept busy not entirely as you would wish. Things lighten up by the end of the month, and eventually, having your nose to the grind-stone now is good for your future. Take very good care of your health.

TAURUS(April 21st-May 20th):
This is a month you would appreciate greatly towards the end, so keeping that in mind, start noticing right away how circumstances can possibly enhance you. Amongst most, you are likely to be well-engaged, doing what you like, and liking what you do, with very few diversions in between. Dedication is in your nature, so the energies of this month are a cake-walk. Health would also be good.

GEMINI(May 21st-June 20th):
Whatever else you do or do not, make sure you the one thing that will pull you through this month. Roll with the experts. You have been forewarned. And there are numerous other experts, besides yourself. Knowing that one month out of a whole year is not a big deal, put aside your own tendencies and follow an earlier Yellow Brick Road. Hang in there and by the end of the month, you will have cause to rejoice. Do take special care of your health, and have pockets of free time that air your spirits.

CANCER(June 21st-July 21st):
A fairly good month ahead of you, if you are willing to allow for taking a follower’s path. Let others lead you through example. Allow yourself to be inspired by wisdom of those who have been there and done that. Yes, you may choose your leader, and in doing so, you will eventually establish your importance. Know that this is a month where you will accomplish far more by treading the trodden path, than by seeking out your own. And who knows? Perhaps your own path is a new spin on the old! And to that, you can lay sole claim once the month is over. Health and wealth would be your resources, so treat them well.

LEO(July 22nd-August 22nd):
Other than this being your birth anniversary, what would you like to celebrate? Some of you innately know the value of planning, hard work and dedication. However, planning will not be at its ideal best now, and dedication will be challenging. That leaves us with hard work. Though this month is not very compliant with your nature, if you allow for the fact that things change and everybody gets their day in the sun, then you will be able to play along fairly well. Towards the end of the month, you would feel more able to establish your authority, and we know that all’s well that end’s well! Look after your health and wealth will take care of its status quo.

VIRGO(August 23rd-September 22nd):
Let us say, August is your month. Everything will pan out just the way you think they should. Even the unpredictable will tail into your scheme of things just fine. Don’t worry, the unpredictable will be in the zone of emotional surges, which you will be able to quell with your current rising ability to extract energy from dedicated detailing. In fact, because you are reading this, you are now in a better position to utilise those emotional surges and inform yourself of little things you might have missed earlier… such as, including your own likes and dislikes as part of the data. Health will be good, if you give that old resistance a miss.

LIBRA(September 23rd-October 22nd):
If you are getting ready to have a good month, or a bad one, relax. It’s a mixed bag. But don’t let that frustrate you as the mix is very clear. Let the plodders handle the big things. You get your fixes from the small things. The first and third weeks of August will be right down uncomfortable for you, so you are forewarned. You have a chance to enjoy yourself in the second and fourth week, so grab that. In fact, by the time the month ends, you will be in a good enough place to be able to forget the travails of the beginning. An alert: if you stumble upon something that you don’t know, do NOT struggle. Let it be. It will point you in the right direction. Health will be, yes, a mixed bag.

SCORPIO(October 23rd-November 22nd):
If you can trust the wisdom of those who have gone before you, then it would be wise to shape your actions around the DNA of that wisdom, this month. In truth, you will find guidance worth your mettle, and you can allow yourself to accept them. By the time you have worked your way down the first week, you will realise that teachers can put you in sync with yourself, as well. You don’t have to do all the hard work by yourself. Breathe deeply if you are unsure or nervous, but just for this month, try to accept from others what you need. Through the seeming discomfort of the month, if you are calm enough, you will realise you are well looked after. Your health will be as good as your mind is calm.

SAGITTARIUS(November 23rd-December 21st):
This is a month when you must, just, believe. Things are not going to be your style, but that does not mean they cannot be as you want. Trust that whatever the process turns out to be, you will reach where you want. Now, since very little flakes you out, all that you need to be aware of are the energies of steadiness, of understanding emotions for what they mean, of using the mind to analyse as needed… and in your wisdom, you will be able to see their validity. For a brief period around the middle of the month, you might find your natural exuberance leaping up, which is all right. By the end of the month, every thing will make perfect sense. Health would be fairly good.

CAPRICORN(December 22nd–January 19th):
If Virgos have it good, you have it better! And you are also in a mood to appreciate this. Hard work never fazed you. And dedication is your second name. Only, there is not much chance of starting anything new this month. This, actually, is a very good thing, as you will understand, because this means you can hone up skills and brush up on things in which you already are an expert. And thus, you would be putting yourself in a very favourable place for the long run. Also, the workings through the month will give you an all-rounded view of emotional, creative and thought-provoking perspectives, and you already understand staying calm and observing. In fact, your ability to wait and watch will reveal far more to you than to many others. Health will be as good as you make it.

AQUARIUS(January 20th–February 18th):
It is not often that you are flummoxed, so do not take the discomfort of this month to heart. Or mind. Be prepared, instead. You are going to see life as others see it, and it can be a very enlarging experience for you, if you allow it to be. You will be in situations where your best ability may not be required at all. That does not make you redundant, and that actually teaches you a new way to be. Open your mind and you will see your advantage in this. On an even better note, open yourself to the possibility that this month provides you with opportunities to learn perspectives that you would never have applied by yourself. Your health will be sluggish, so make allowances for such. Towards the end of the month, you will feel more yourself, again.

PISCES (February 19th-March 20th):
An enlightening month, if anything, for you! It should not be very difficult for you to see the wisdom of elders, guides and teachers at work in application. You have a strong sense of eternal understanding, and this month, you can turn observer, instead of perpetrator. This would suit you perfectly as there is protection for you as you go along with other people. By the time half the month is over, you will have understood exactly what this month holds for you. Do not indulge in frazzle or loose-ends and you will be doing very well indeed. Take care of your health towards the end of the month, mainly from thoughts and ideas you do not agree with, as they tend to affect you physically. Keep your focus on your anchoring belief.


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