“Hot July brings cooling showers….” (Part 1)

TAROT UPDATE FOR THE MONTH OF JULY, 2014!!! (Part 1)  ???????????????????????????????

The thing about every month is that there is a leftover from the previous month. Energies enter and exit in phases. Actually, energy just flows… it is us humans who, for the sake of better understanding in a linear manner, need time grabs like months and years. So, by the time July starts, June is still making its presence felt…
Some people would call it a hangover, especially this month, as the memory of June will trigger an emotional reaction. Mind you, whether the emotion triggered is pleasant, unpleasant or downright anaphylactic, depends upon your individual experience of June. The crux of the carry-over will be about being able (or not able) to deal with incorporating emotional lessons. Yes, there are multiple aspects in that statement; four, to be precise… but that is how it is.
July energies ask you to devote your doing-ness into things that matter to you. It could be your work, or relationships or creative pursuits or chilling out, or health concerns… anything. The way to identify those issues would be two: it is of importance to you, and it contributes to your sense of stability. Of course, there is a graph through the month, which can be seen in the context of the weeks of July… so here goes…
The first week of July would help you streamline and focus everything that you would consider important, and prioritise them.
The second week of July will see you shuffle some components around, more out of a sense of wanting some time off, rather than a recalibration. Be aware that it does not become indulgence of procrastination; it is good to be aware of what you like, but rather disempowering to insist on it when it is not there!
The third week of July, predictably then, will push you to the test! Your prioritising will soon reflect whether you are working to build a future or are in the throes of your past. There will be no way around this, but you will be thankful for this week much, much later!
The final week of July will get you back to your grindstone, with a good, foundational build-up. July has set in for you, and with this analysis, you are well-prepared. Have an idea what is good for you, both personally and in your community, as both aspects can receive your personal energy boost and benefit.
By the end of July, you will get a sense of many things coming to an end… and if you have been connected to yourself, you will see that it is wiser to let go of everything that is ending. Completions and closures may not be required. If the fledgling is ready to fly, let it fly.
If there is any warning for July, it is this: While you are working hard at being devoted and dedicated to things that matter to you, you might feel a nudge to experiment a bit… to go out on a limb, or perhaps run after another picture. This is not the time to find out what lies in other pictures. This is the time to decide your picture and stick to enhancing it. However… in the nature of all warnings is hidden a surprise, and it is that hardly anybody registers being alerted when the going is good. Anyway, try to remember this, especially half-way through the month, that you need to stick to your current plan right now.
Part 2 specifies July according to your date of birth….
Have an awesome month!



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