TAROT Weather for the month of JUNE!!


JUNE 2014 

As we move into June, there is a lingering effect on us of the month of May … in the form of a need or a desire to take things forward into smoother roads. You could feel or experience the need for it, coming from a difficult or abrasive situation, or you could simply want things to be harmonious and balanced. If you want to take action on this effect, remember that it is action in the mind before it can be applied in your life. Make sure you have thought every move through and left nothing up to chance. Circumstances may pan out slightly different from your plans, but things can be smooth enough for the momentum to carry you through even minor course-corrections.

The main focus of this month would be on revisiting earlier ideas and desires… dreams, even… in an effort to integrate them into the fabric of our lives. It is not a bad thing at all. However, what will make it very good is a recalibration of whatever you desire to your current situation. Imagine it to be a bit like getting into your favourite pair of old, old jeans. They may not fit you very well right now. So of course, you can have them altered or get another of a similar design, or repurpose this one to keep your connection going…. In the flow of things, why would you want to force yourself into that which does not fit you! On the other hand, if your forgotten dream still makes your heart thrum, then make a point of remembering it all over again… and this time, with an intention of doing something about it! Overall, it is an enjoyable time, so find out the zone in which you can enjoy heartily!

It would be good to remember, even when you are enjoying yourself, to maintain clarity in your thought process. It is easy for some and difficult for others, and inconceivable for yet others, but nothing being impossible, you can achieve this to a greater degree than you would give yourself credit for. The direct outcome of this effort that you will see by the end of June is akin to wish fulfilment! How does it get better than that! Any catch? Yes. The fulfilment is of the short-term variety… so make sure you do not set your heart on something long-term. This situation is actually ideal for getting into the habit of succeeding and then, moving on to the next goal!

The only thing that can cause any upset in all that you do this month is lack of knowledge and patience. So make sure that you empower yourself completely, or as best as you can, when you embark on anything. One way to head this energy off in another direction would be to exercise and build up your capacity for patience and tolerance, whether you see any need for it or not! Not a bad idea, that!

So, to nudge you in your proper direction, here is a pocket-guide… set according to your date of birth:
Please note: The guide uses Zodiac Signs according to date of birth, and not according to your Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Ascendant. There is no cusp.

ARIES(March 21st-April 20th):
Not an easy month for you, given the high emotional quotient. You can milk an advantage from keeping yourself level-headed. Try to remain focussed and keep moving.
TAURUS(April 21st-May 20th):
You might find it difficult to remain very clear in your thoughts, but you will have ample help from people around you and from situation. So have patience, and ask those you trust to help you.
GEMINI(May 21st-June 20th):
In many ways, this is your month! So make sure you think things through, before you embark on anything…whether it is your birthday celebrations, or a college education, or a trek to the Alps. And have a great time!
CANCER(June 21st-July 21st):
You may prefer going by your feelings most of the time, and this month will be no different. There is much help to be had from analysis and reasoning, and you can merge the two, in fact. So just focus on being calm enough to read your feelings appropriately!
LEO(July 22nd-August 22nd):
Don’t try too hard to win! Not always is there a competition or match going on. You will do well for yourself this month if you go with the flow rather than trying to push at things.
VIRGO(August 23rd-September 22nd):
You should have it good, if you focus on formula-approaches, and on collecting information before taking action. Your experience will stand you in good stead. Do not evade surprises; they may be of benefit.
LIBRA(September 23rd-October 22nd):
This month will be right up your alley and amazingly smooth, if you allow people different from you to be themselves and focus on being yourself. Prioritise your own needs and wants.
SCORPIO(October 23rd-November 22nd):
Many of your wishes can be fulfilled this month. Do try to pay attention to what is being said by people you think are wise. It may be a good idea to side-line that little voice in your head, for some time.
SAGITTARIUS(November 23rd-December 21st):
Your energies can receive a boost by some clear-thinking. Don’t rush. Think through. And recognise wisdom, even if you don’t want to apply it. Breathe deeply, then again… everything is all right if you don’t try to hurry things up.
CAPRICORN(December 22nd–January 19th):
If things are not exactly comfortable, you will be able to derive comfort from logical application of your reasoning. You will enjoy ruminating on wise words. You will enjoy building a statistical mean and deviation thereof of your life-experiences.
AQUARIUS(January 20th–February 18th):
A generally good month for you, if you pedal slow and observe even those happenings that do not have a direct relation to your course. Your brains and your observations are going to come up with some fascinating theories.
PISCES (February 19th-March 20th):
Much to make you happy and grounded will happen this month. Do try to be clear in your communication. Go easy on your tendency to judge yourself, as you are unique, as is everybody else.

Have a great June ahead!


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