GEMINIANS! A Blast Of A Year Ahead!







The forecast is divided into three segments, according to dates. Read on…!

The year ahead for Geminians born on and between 21st May and 31st May….

A time of much excitement lies ahead of you. If you are aligned with your thoughts, desires and emotions, you are up next. Manifestation could be your word for this year! And how does it get better than that! However, if you have some thoughts and/or emotions that don’t sit so well with you, overall, then situations could make you feel out of control. Notice, that I don’t put your desires into this category, and that means something. Irrespective of what you have been through earlier, this year could be your threshold into validation of your life, and your desires are your calling card to the Universe. So, understand your keenly intelligent nature, and use it as your happy tool to make clear what you want. Refrain from indulging in the build-up of emotions you would rather not feel… because if you do, that is what you are going to get.
Watch your digestion. Step back if relationships seem out of your zone of control. Make time to breathe and relax, occasionally. And you are good!
Have an awesome year ahead!

The year ahead for Geminis born on and between 1st June and 10th June….

You have a very good year ahead of you, and here are pointers how to make it a load more super!
Cut yourself some slack. You have it good, and you don’t need to push any more; just go with most of the flow.
Be sure you don’t try to change something mid-way. Once it has started, let it reach its logical end. Try what you want before you start anything.
Focus, focus, focus. Choose something that will arrest your attention and hold it, and keep choosing it. Do not indulge in restlessness.
Enough of instructions… here is what is likely to be available for you this year!
Travel will be more likely impromptu, or free-ranging. Interesting new people will be very interesting. New bonds of passion could be short-lived. Even if you are not likely to travel or meet people, there will be other ways of dramatically increasing your frontiers. If you are even the slightest bit spiritually adventurous, this year could turn out to be the one you were waiting for. Your epiphanies will not be of the predictable types, however, and you can allow yourself to be amazed!
Watch your health. More importantly, watch your health consciously. Make the effort to understand your body, and you will have made a very sincere friend this year.
Have an awesome year!

The year ahead for Geminis born on and between 11th June and 20th June…

Your year ahead is awesome in exact proportion to your will power that you can exert on your sense of discipline. You are inherently powerful, and the energies for this year support your power in a direct feed. This means that, if you use your abilities in a planned and steady manner, you will have energy for planned and steady (and exponential and profitable) progress. If you are not too sure about what you are doing, then the available energy will be not too sure a lot, and all over the place. It would be as though you have at readiness a laser beam of immense intensity which you can’t control according to your will, but which will mimic what you do with yourself with your will! How amazing is that!
Whatever you do this year, be kind to yourself and become aware of things you don’t already like about yourself… and don’t pay attention to them. Instead focus on what you think makes you amazing, and utilise that aspect of yourself to approach everything you would. Also, and importantly, make a note right away about control issues… give up on them this year; your days will be better than you imagined. Make a not to self thus: I am going to do things I like and focus on being the person I like.
You, as with other Geminis, also need to watch your health this year. If you use your tremendous will-power on shaping up your physical habits, you are in for a good decade of healthy and energetic life. Most of all, find a hobby that can absorb your temper. And oh, yes… don’t expect too much out of anything romantic that starts now. All is well.
Have an awesome year ahead!


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