Each person, at whichever state or stage of life, wants to feel better. Some are struggling with circumstances, others… with health. Some are stressed and reeling, others unhappy. Some, merely uneasy… others, four-feet under…   
Yet, all is supposedly well!  WellBeing

What, then, is being well?

Physically, when you feel light, energetic and at your quickest, you are well.
Mentally, when you are optimistic, cheerful and at your most calm, you are well.
Emotionally, when you are happy, peaceful and loving (yes!), you are well.
(While the quality of each state is unique, their nature is generic; your peaceful state may differ in appearance from your best friend’s, but the nature of both your peaceful state is peace.)

And all of us are familiar with these states, However, fleetingly. They never seem to stay put, or become permanent. So what gives?
At any moment, when we are experiencing some of these states, would that we stop and embed this consciousness in our beings, and assure ourselves that it is possible…

With increasing frequency…
Such that there comes a time when the intervals between the occurrences of these states approach zero.

This is where your spirit comes in.
And your spirit makes your wellness… being.

You see, when any part of physical, mental or emotional wellness occurs, all other parts are aware of it, enjoy it and use the energy. So, when you are feeling physically energetic, you are also mentally optimistic and emotionally happy. And this happens because you are spirit, and your ‘you’ness interpenetrates all aspects, levels and dimensions of your entire being. (Mine does, too!)

So, well-being is your spirit’s signature tune. Every time, any, some or all aspects of you experience wellness, your spirit registers it. It is as though you have offered yourself the best gift ever, and accepted… and how does it get better than that! And, when you consciously choose to stay in the wellness, you are anchoring that energy into your spirit.

Then, from experiencing wellness as random events, you move to expecting them, and thus being ready for them, and then being open to them, to allowing them… to eventually, being them.
Being wellness.

P.S.: Processes abound. All processes of feeling better are effective. Choose whatever suits you, and would have you show up for yourself over and over again. Somewhat like breathing…
All is well!


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  1. bodhimoments
    Apr 26, 2014 @ 00:38:57

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    BE well…. I hope this resonates with you as it did with me!


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