7-13April'14We all know that the strongest moment, even the only moment of engagement is the present moment.
However, honestly, we are doing a fat lot, not, about it! We would love for us to have twiddled a few fingers in the general direction of the future, and have everything “magically” fall into place. Read, effortlessly. Yet, we have got some basic ideas up-side down!
Take ‘effort’, for example. We equate it with struggling through hard work. And struggling is full of resistance, and then, it feeds itself… and eventually, our optimism goes into a nose-spin. How unwanted is that! So why do we cling on to defining something we do with something we don’t want to do?
Get clear!

You are in an awesome moment of actualisation.
A lot has already gone in to creating your new world… and you are about to see the results. In this climate, here is the low-down for the week ahead, with choices!

The background of everything is how we can now take those very steps in anything at all, and see the exact results of those steps that make us feel successful and on top of the world.
The other option is how we rub our noses into not getting what we want and being very edgy about it. Want it?
Continuing from yesterday, we seem to have got stuck in struggling with old patterns and behaviours in new experiences, because we are starting to feel that no result is good enough, and maybe we are not getting anything right, after all.
The other option is to identify the point at which you got stuck, with the help of your emotional weather-vane, and immediately change your belief or point of view about it. Got it?
Wonderful, wonderful day to realise that progressing along our chosen track is a dynamic activity, in which we use the results we see as a barometer to understand which of our beliefs have become patterns that do not serve us.
The other option is to keep struggling to prove ourselves right. Well, now…
So, by today, you are getting the feeling that life is a long wait for what you want. You could look at it as a necessary gestation, or you could try to change the plan.
And the option is to not look at it at all, and instead focus on how you feel when you engage in your activity. It is supposed to be good.
Now we come to a crux. Why do we yo-yo? If the process is supposed to work, it would also need the time it takes. So, today, perhaps, is a great time to decide to stick with your process, until you see the result.
The other option could be a desire to redo the strategy. Don’t.
For those with a weekend off, you might feel like blowing off some steam with friends who you feel might see your point of view and agree that life sucks. Is that a good thing?
The other option can be that the desire to prove life… anything… could be redundant. So what could be your actual desire?
If only you could allow yourself to relax and let the process do its job, you would find out everything you need to, once you hold the results in your hand. Rest, relax.
The other option is to try and resist every moment that you are suspicious of… Like, really?

Look, life is very in your face, hardly leaving any room for doubt! So, you are in a wonderful place to see for yourself what you actually think of yourself!

How does it get any better than that!!!


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