Sometimes we get so caught up in the drama of our life that we forget to step back and enjoy exactly how creative we are… After all, we did think up all of those extremely engaging stuff, haven’t we! Imagine Shakespeare weeping all over Hamlet!

Anyway, we do seem to think we move forward every day. After all, we don’t get to relive the days that pass, do we. However, we cling very tightly on to our daily habits… perhaps out of a sense of identification with them. In effect, even when we want to do new things, we think we are doing them our way, which is actually the way we have become used to through repetition. And, it may not be quite the thang we need to do for the new thing!!
So what’s a dude to do, huh?
(Here comes that old bandwagon, again!)
No, seriously… if you do new things the old way, would you really get new results? If a gardener who only ever pruned hedges went to an orchard and started pruning the fruit tree to hedges… would it be the picture?

This week, we are provided with marvellous opportunities to decide to make the change in ourselves that we want to see in our circumstances. (See? The Divine keeps at us, even if we do not!!)
MONDAY: We are likely to see many things in our life that do not work, or do not give optimum results, or give results that are completely not in the story. Most of the prodding will be through things which we do not pay much attention to, or we do not think can be a direct link… but they are. More than in events, the realisation can work up to our consciousness through being present to our situation.
TUESDAY: We have the opportunity to gather our determination to ourselves. After all, as motivated beings, how badly do we want what we do want? In our interactions with other people we are conscious of ourselves as human beings. Now we can also become conscious of our abilities and our motivations, in these very interactions.
WEDNESDAY: And so we re-discover our very own magic wand… chip at it. Choose what you want to align yourself with, choose the path to it that you see and starting from where you are now, chip away at it.
THURSDAY: DO I hear you ask “Are we there yet?” I know a lot of people grouse about doing the hard work they already have done, all over again… and I also know that most of the times, they have not even started! It is the sheer terror of the memory of all those years spent on what one once thought to be the ultimate, and has now turned out to be by the wayside… Here is the secret: you will know tomorrow.
FRIDAY: Tomorrow also comes. The secret to life is living it here and now. Do what is required of you at this moment, to correct imbalances, if any, or to nurture what is growing. And what you need to do may not be what you already know about, or expect. It can also be something so new that you have to learn it. In fact, it most likely is new.
SATURDAY: So, here is the deal. To get to the new place, you may need a new route, new skills, new mates, and a new spin on you. Get a grip on this. People around you will help you, directly or indirectly, to bring the only thing to your thoughts that you need: clarity. And being able to use a tool, which in this case is your faculty of thought, in the way it gives optimum results is liberating.
SUNDAY: And here we are, newly hatched by ourselves, ready to start. Don’t you dare say “Again!”… Pull up your socks and look around you at all the things that are ready to receive your enthusiasm. Those are the ones you will grow in your garden.
P.S.: The weekend may not be very relaxing!

So, how does it get better than this!!!


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