We live in a world that is distinctly partial to the left brain. So when we can’t use logic, analysis, reason, precedent, prediction… to account for any particular flow of events, we tend to disregard and invalidate it, even if it means including ourselves in our invalidation.

This, I think, is a big thing. Of course, for as long as we think we are worth this much and that much… we are going to manifest exactly that situation which will validate what we think of ourselves! It is because our situation is the manifestation of the thought that conceived it!

So this week, we are being given an opportunity to understand the significance of thoughts and feelings, and strike the balance that is uniquely correct for us. How does it get better than this!

Let me arrange a time-table for us, the thread of commonality in our diversity…
Monday, we are likely to encounter a reason to be alert of what we think we know and how we communicate our thoughts and knowledge with others. So, if some of us fall into argumentative spaces and dislike it, there is no need to worry. Remember that this incident is an alert for us to check our own idea of ourselves, and we will do fine!
Tuesday, honestly, we will reflect Monday. If we have engaged our energy with uneasiness, this day will ask us to cool our heels. Sulk, if we will… eventually we will also come around and reach a resolution which will be calming in its effect. However, it is not going to feel as though we have won, so don’t look for it. Instead, look for calmness… and we will have it!
Wednesday, we will face the day, our work, our interactions… with a new pledge of working and advancing together. For some of us, allowing others their space is akin to feeling challenged ourselves. It is a good time to remind ourselves that the nature of engagement in activity the world over is interdependency. The sooner we agree to work with everybody else, the quicker will our goals be actualised!
Thursday, we will have to give our over-active minds a break… and surprisingly, that, too, is a mental decision. So whatever we are occupied with, whether at work, at home or up in the air… breathe, breathe again, and remind yourself that there is no substitute for rest. This is a good time to practise your mindful breathing and meditative engagement.
Friday, we will be meeting our hurt…. which is amazing in this particular time-table, because we have the opportunity, smack bang up front facing our face, to look into the eyes of our expectations. We get hurt because we have wanted things to be a certain way. Period. S’pose we are kind enough with ourselves to understand that we can allow things to be the way they are and thus, allow ourselves to be the way we are, and engage accordingly? That is, instead of squirming with the way things are…
Saturday, we are ready to begin again, with a new understanding, that we draw into our lives more of the feeling we dominantly feel, and those feelings appear through events, objects, people… who connect us with those feelings within us. If we understand this, we would not any more try to twist chalk into cheese. Oh, and by the way, this could be a good day to hang out with  a loved one!
Sunday, we are back to where we were, at the beginning of this week… with a different perspective. Instead of thoughts and ideas and communication, we are now considering what we feel and how that can inform our next step!

Isn’t life looking out for us!!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Divya Srivastavaya
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 08:40:23

    Thank You for this Mohini 🙂 Honestly, it sounds like a typical routine of the way my weeks have been shaping over the past few months!!


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