FACING OFF? 17-23March'14

Two warring chieftains, ready to battle each other to death, decided to solicit the advice of a famed sage on the eve of one of their numerous skirmishes. Both of them had the same question to ask, “Will I be victorious?”  And to both of them, the sage offered the same answer. “The best man wins.”
One chieftain returned to his camp, thoughtful and pensive. He had no doubt about his own valour, but he had to grudgingly admit that his opponent always returned to him exactly what he put out. Making up his mind, he gathered his eager army around him and put them through the paces till dawn… pep-talk, warm-ups, discussions, encouragement, the works.
The other chieftain returned to his own camp, thoughtful, too. He knew himself to be strong and brave, and so was his army in the prime of its strength. Likely, the sage had heard about him, as well, and had meant him the ‘best man’. Realisation dawned. His happy countenance set up a cheer in his waiting army. “Victory!” was the cry that rolled around the camp that night, and they revelled in anticipation of the morrow.

Of course, the next day, the best man won.

This week, we stand at the darkest moment before dawn, and then we cross over to our victory. What is your best man?

To start off, we would be in touch with our best feeling self, and we could try a tad too hard to impress that self upon everybody else. The most obvious appearance of all being in the same space might convince us that we are in agreement. Of course, Grace always encourages us to widen our perception… and we just might. Mid-week, we are as likely to allow for friendly differences in opinion while at the same party… as we are not!
Then comes the sage. Mid-week, too. Reason and emotions are on opposing sides when they decide to war. If you are willing to be their meeting ground then all stand to win. The brief moment of appeal to our higher senses will lead us to try and cultivate actions according to our highest vision. In itself, our intention is admirable. But we are also burdened with things from our past, which we are not willing to cast away just yet. However, the weekend trundles in… along with the assurance that wisdom sits within us, with complete loyalty and dedication to our Self. If we understand that the path lies in being true to ourselves, and not in being true to a format, then we can also grasp the reality cocooned within the illusion of our reality.
Also, it will be a good weekend to rest, regroup and connect with people you love… including yourself.

Seriously, how does it get better than that!


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