Each person in the world is a unique vibration, engaged in a unique exploration of their energies. 10-16March'14Even if what people do appear to be the same or similar to observers, there is far more going on in an individual life than is visible to another. So, jumping over the sameness, wriggling past the similarities, acknowledging the oneness…. Let us focus on our uniqueness!

My point here is… even when we have the same energies building around us, the engagement of those energies with each of our own creates a unique vector. So, focussing on whatever it is that is engaging us particularly, the week gives us an opportunity to become very sure of ourselves.
How cool is that!

Right at the start of this week, especially following through with the one past… we encounter in our situations of engagement, what we can consider to be options. We see options. The crux is whether we feel we have chanced upon the one we would choose. It is likely that we are not sure about the one we would choose… and here is the revelation. If we cannot choose, then the actual options are still hidden behind an illusion of ability to choose.
So we would try to charge forward, based on our experiences, to do the right thing. While such effort will lead us somewhere, it won’t take us all the way. This is a great time to fall back upon realistic help. There are others who can provide us with fresh perspective… thank goodness for no man being an island!! Mid-week, we would find ourselves more practical and oriented towards tangible results in our own zones. This would be a marvellous experience of stability… and a great vibration to recover and recoup our desire to make a difference.
By the time we come to the weekend, the issue that had rattled us a few days back, will find a pleasurable and satisfying solution…. But that is not all!
Irrespective of how you plan to spend your weekend, and I am sure you will have a good time, the background upon which we arrange our lives is changing into a particular topography. Soon, we will decide upon a structure that supports the energies we would commit to engage in, and then we will also have to let go of options which do not contribute to our commitment.
Do you hear that? Let go of that which is not the One.
You… are the One!

How does it get better than that!!!


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