Rise And Shine… Dear March-Borns!!!

march_calendarThe Year Ahead For Those Born In March…

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear March-borns! depositphotos_2768394-Happy-birthday-heart

I would presume that most of you are standing on the brink of a new chapter that you have desired into being!
Possibly, you have come through a difficult or confusing time, till the year just past… and you have had enough. You want a change, and you want it on your own terms. The good news is that you have both. So… is there a catch? Such as, will I now trot out ‘bad news’?
Breathe easy, March-borns. In my language, there is no bad news. There is always good news, and different degrees of better. So the other part of this bit is that you have to start form a particular level one.

Now, whatever you have been through in the past, and however you had chosen to describe it, you can be assured that there has been a gift in it for you.
Foremost, you are now far more sure of your Self than you have ever been.
Secondly, your experience has made you wiser, not only for yourself, but also for everybody who interacts with you. You will exude a veritable vibration of reliability. (Isn’t that wonderful?)
Thirdly, you are on your way up, whether you can see it immediately or not. I suggest you flow along for a good six months and then turn back to check how you were on the day of your Solar Return. I’ll wager you will be nicely surprised and pleased with yourself!
Fourthly, you will, this year, commit to your well-being in a way that will be exemplary. You now have the experience to understand what that signifies for you, and the wisdom to do what it takes.

I could go on… as the only place you are going, as I mentioned earlier, is up! So girdle up, and chug on!

Some alerts, yes.                  
You will need to be the one to work on your relationships, and allow the other to take your lead and follow your example. So make sure it is a relationship you are committing to cherish forever. This includes all possible relationships, as in your emotional engagements, you bring your whole Self to the table. So family, friends, passions, dreams… pets and books and favourite foods… all will ask you to show them what you will. Will. Get it?
Financially, wherever you feel you are on the sliding scale, do NOT hoard or scrimp. Please note that this is not the same as saving. You may save with a purpose, well enough… but do not cut down on any expenditure that feeds your soul. This is a deep one, as this is again about a relationship… between you and your inner child.
If you have particular goals and projects to accomplish this year, peg away at them. You may not see stupendous results, but you will certainly see stupendous progress… which will eventually assure the quality of the result. If your goals and projects include something that you are passionate about, by the end of the year, you will know where Cloud Nine is, by personal invitation!

How does it get better than that!!!

Go, break a leg!


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