You have reached far along your road , already. Even if you think that you have not done much, 3-9March'14 (2)and there is a lot of ground yet to cover… perhaps now is the time to recalibrate your perspective about your own self.

Right at the beginning of the week, in apparently humdrum circumstances, if you care to notice beyond the routine, you will see that you are being called to do something at which you are an expert. You may try to ignore it or shrug it off, preferring instead to go along with what is accepted as evident, but soon enough, you will find yourself being singled out for that very expertise you tried to ignore. Things will quickly become exciting, after that, and mid-week, you might find that you are required to prove your expertise in a manner you hadn’t really foreseen. No matter… because it is here that you can receive your due recognition, and also shed some over-hyped humility. However, remember to keep your sense of humour around and alert, because you would not have chosen to step into this particular lime-light, and so might consider yourself less than well-prepared.
At this point, you are being asked to understand yourself afresh. You are awesome in many ways more than only the evident… and along with growing realisation will also pop up the need to be more vigilant.
So, if you are an expert who has managed to surprise yourself, and if you are supposed to now acknowledge that and start living it, why does the world go back to its earlier folds? Where is your crown? Sliding towards the end of the week is the back-to-ordinary routine. This can push you into frustration unless you grab this moment and tear its veil off for the truth…
You see, what is at present your circumstance has manifested as a result of your earlier belief system, and so, with a change in your perspective, you will need to set in motion operating out of your changed belief and allow the new energy the time it will take to now bring in the new manifestation.
So, down at the weekend, you will need to reconnect with your ability to enjoy yourself…. not just have fun, but pay court to yourself. After all, you are your own most special person!

It is time. There is much love that has individuated as you!


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  1. Jean
    Mar 02, 2014 @ 17:32:55

    Mohini, we are all experts and to see the fruit of our expertise is lovely! Delighted this week will prove to be so fulfilling if we allow it. I am looking forward to seeing your expertise unfold and witnessing the gift of yourself you will share with others. Much love, blessings and peace to you! ♥


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