It is a great paradox in the way we live life that occasionally, the achievement of our desire can become a platform of compromise.
This is how…
You do something awesome, and it is accepted and lauded by all dear to you as wow-somely as you would love, and then you wish to repeat that feeling and get stuck in repeating the action, somehow getting the idea that it is the action that had brought you the achievement in the first place. You’d think we would know by now that action is merely the affirmation of the feeling-energy we are engaging in!

This week, we are being alerted to this very paradox.

Right at the beginning of the week, we explore complete satisfaction through its presence or lack of it… and find the whole world on our side. We may not notice, but life in the distance continues to call out to us. It would do us good to identify the difference between reaction to action and feeling… but we are unlikely to do so. Down the week, we stay in the zone of trying to view reactions as feeling, but by mid-week, there could be people around us who remind us of our core values. We might make attempts to do the right thing by ourselves, then. But having tasted intense feel-good, we want to taste it again. If we are watching ourselves closely, we might be able to make a necessary decision of choosing our own self and going on towards following our path, instead of getting stuck in repeating the joke which had made everybody laugh. It will be a strenuous pull away, and those at offices will feel especially uncomfortable.
The good news is that by the time weekend trundles in, all action you have taken to support your discernment will give signs of success. Which also means that if you have decided to focus on others at the cost of your own growth/ enjoyment/ blossoming, you might burn your fingers.
The week wraps up with a marvellous opportunity to understand for yourself why you decide the way you do, or why you think the way you do. Patterns, if you allow, can emerge. So, if you have the weekend off, it is a good idea to plan some alone-time for Sunday.

What a wonderful clarion call, this week!


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  1. jazzspazit
    Feb 28, 2014 @ 11:25:57

    Love U ❤ & Thank U 🙂


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