Awesome Februarians!!!

Month-February The year ahead for those born in February: 
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Happy Birth Anniversary, Februarians!
In many ways, your year ahead is an answer to questions you may have asked your life… so look sharp! You don’t want to be caught nappin’!
Just kidding you, you won’t. This is a year when you will be far more aware of what’s going on in your life than probably ever before. You will certainly not be day-dreaming your time away, but you will be caught up in thoughts and rationales over the whys and wherefores of what you experience.
Needless to point out, this year is not about culminations, so if you have been looking out for things to come to an end, there is still a good bit to go. Most of the remaining work is to tie up loose ends and snip off drag-ends, and this is where much can be revealed to you about yourself. You are going to face head-on what you do when you don’t know what to do.
I would say that is a marvellous thing. After all, you can go only so far out on a limb; beyond that, it is up to you. And the best way to know what you are capable of is through experience. So yes, keep your antennae up to find out what you believe is possible for you to accomplish, and prepare to be surprised by boundaries that you discover are actually soft!
If you are in the middle of things, great year. Lots of questions will arise, in answering which you will become an expert of sorts in whatever you are dealing with. The large banner fluttering here is that you might tend to lean more to your left-brain in trying to make sense of it all. While in itself it is not a bad or a good thing, do look out for its applicability in the situation at hand.

So, when faced with relationship issues, bring yourself back to warmth of the heart. If faced with financial issues, bring yourself back from worrying. In both cases, the particular energy your are blessed with this year, can also skid your balance. Thus, keep in mind that the energy that is your gift is basically telling you to be aware of one thing, and one thing only… What do you believe is possible here?
If you can stop to ask yourself that question at every hitch, and then allow your answer to float up from within you, there won’t be any hitches left!
It would also be a big help if you can develop, continue with or consider any technique that helps calm nerves. This is not an alert! This is an opportunity to start a good habit, or deepen one you already have!

Guard your health from stress, turn work-related stress into quizzes and other fun-brain activities, write poems to your loves, and read up more on your favourite subjects… and you will rock through the year!

Have a great one!


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