We live in great anticipation, excitement and fear of the future. We want to know what lies in wait for us, can we hope to win the lottery, will my ex come back to me, will I get the job, lose the job, buy a house, get rid of my debts… countless and endless.
This is a fall-out of linear thought-model. Our subconscious duality paradigm is the known versus the unknown. Somewhere along the way, we have observed from our lives that our past is known to us, and the future appears unknown. And thus we pegged our conscious model of fear on the foundation of our subconscious model of survival. Past versus the future… just like known versus unknown.
The beginning of the week, nothing…. nothing out of the ordinary happens. Yet, subliminally, there is a shift happening. We have the opportunity to unpin ourselves from viewing our future as the Great Unknown… and consider the possibility that future is a matter of choice.

Then, the rest of the week grounds us and demonstrates to us exactly how that choice works!
Just as spring changes the resonance of the sleeping seed into waking and sprouting, when something touches your core and makes you vibrate into feeling alive, your potential for growth awakens. Your movement to your next level of being is inevitable, yet considering the fact that so much of our being-ness is expressed through our doing-ness, you, I, we… most people we know… will be itching to rear up and gallop, mid-week.
Now, there is no good, bad, right or wrong to this desire. You just need to check whether dramatic and excited action is contextually suitable to your current life scenario. And the check is necessary because you will have available for you rather less back-up power.

What you do have available, down the week, is a growing understanding of what makes your action durable. Whatever has excited you into feeling alive will eventually move into your life… in its due season. Only, it is not today! It is crucial to understand the value of taking action… it is an affirmation of your personal power. So even if you do not see immediate result, keep up your inspiration. Every time you have enhanced yourself in any manner, people around you have also shifted and calibrated up their own scale. So your own growth is also a part of the bigger and better picture.

Externally, this week you are likely to see flare-ups that calm down, ideas that start working towards culmination, team-work that builds belief and trust, and camaraderie that lends support to your beliefs…

Tell me, then…
How does it get better than that!!!


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