Curiosity-child-little-girl-magic-chest-box-open-magical-wonder-wonderul-300x300The only challenge challenges have is to our own selves… in challenging our own status quo!
Right at the beginning of the week, we will be grappling with something that has challenged us. This is not about feeling bad or worrying about losing out… as in the grand scheme of things, all is well. However, we have indeed received a perfect opportunity to step outside of ourselves and observe us for a moment…
What do we think is happening to us?
And where do we think we are going?
If we think that some things are important and others are trivial, then depending on how demanding our challenge has been, by mid-week, it will have reached its logical and exciting enough conclusion.
However, if you are anything like me and tend to think that everything is exciting and engaging of life-force, here is what is happening in the background…
The time is now perfect to catch hold of our circumstances and peel them back to reveal our own glory as creators of our lives, as two great cosmic principles are turning to face us.
One: Everything, when placed in a context, has an inevitable conclusion.
The Other: What you observe is a conclusion… not only the inference that you draw, but also the end result of a process set in motion long ago.

So, where does that leave us, midweek?

Another opportunity. This time, you don’t have to begin afresh. You will be reconnecting with something beloved and forgotten way back in your childhood. How cool is that! And soon after, you will either see a breakthrough in something that was bothering you, or you will have a brainwave about this renewed connection. Perhaps you are now ready to work on your childhood dream, with the wisdom you have gained on your way to now. Indeed, whatever you choose now, will reflect you exactly… so why not choose what delights you? It does not have to something brand new! It can be something that has always been there… and gets a fresh lease of newness through you!
And by the time the week ends, you just may be on your way to making this idea come to fruition. On your way. Not there, yet. Pay attention to what you already have as that will help you build up the next stage.
If nothing has seemed especially significant or out of the ordinary during the week, still… go ahead and dare to choose what you love. In the coming weeks, you may surprise yourself by what it turns into, in your hands!

How does it get better than that!!!



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  1. Kashish Sharma
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 16:37:24

    :* :*


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