Sometimes, we lean far too much left for our own right… Okay, so let’s do this again. 5106813-woman-relaxing-and-enjoying-the-sun-on-a-bike-trip-in-the-countryside-of-jutland-denmark-windmill-in

Sometimes, we trust our left-brain far more than we trust our right. And then, in an attempt to correct imbalances, then we would lean far more into right than the left can handle. The trick… and you can ask any person who dances or does acrobatics or engages in sports, or any dedicated physical activity… the trick is to find your balance and cultivate it.

Did you notice? It is not about just finding the balance… It is about your balance. YOU. (There is that sense of magic, again!)
Every single person requires to find his or her balance, and every person’s balance is unique and individual. So, while we have our map for the world, the journey is our own.

Right at the beginning of the week, we have the opportunity to observe ourselves and how we react when we have made a choice. We usually yearn for a redoing, wonder whether another choice would not have been better, wonder whether we are wrong (oh, how we love this bit!) And this is a very messy place indeed. However, it is all in our own heads.
The result of this debate with ourselves is, other than the very obvious demoralisation, is our turning to observe in our circumstances just how wrong things are… or incomplete, or unsatisfactory. Never mind the word we use, the feeling is the same.
So then, we try to feel better. We look around us and grab hold of those things that we know can make us feel better. They do. For a day, mid-week, we are happy. And then it starts again. We now wonder whether we can somehow transform this thing that makes us happy into our life-saving device. Then we find we cannot and feel miserable about it. And then, we find others who corroborate our stories by their own experiences, which makes us feel a bit better since we are no more alone on this journey… and we can all cry into our cups with great bonhomie.
So by the time the week rolls to an end, we have concurred, signed and sealed our agreement that we are the victims of Fate!

Dislike this scenario, don’t you? I do, too… So let’s see the real picture.

The harnessing of power is in discovering and utilising strength. When on windy ground, set up a wind-mill.
Our strength is the faculty of thought, which is in ample evidence this week. The harness to slip on this faculty is discipline, woven with trust in the process. The power is to keep our focus that this harness stays on.
Don’t lose the plot. Focus on following your choice to where it leads. When you find gaps, fill them. Understand that it is your desire that brings to you the fulfilment of that desire… and this is Law! Also, allow for the acceptance you may feel for this understanding to be low, as compared to the trust you may feel for the analysed rationale. The desire to have proof of the goal before the path has been walked is very strong… and this is the imbalance that has offered itself to be corrected this week, if you will.
And the end of the week can then set you on your path to being the Master of your destiny!

How does it get any better than that!!!


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