London Olympic Games - Day 14 Knew You Could Spin!!!

Do you know what is magic?
Magic is believing that you can, and allowing yourself to flow with the belief, till you can hold it in your hands! What stops you, eh?
I’ll tell you what…
Right at the start of the week, you will be aware of lack… focussing on it, thinking about it, wondering about it. What are you going to do about it? Ummm, no… do not rush to fill up the space you call lack. Remember, “A problem is not solved at the level it is observed”. You cannot fill up lack with that thing you think you lack.
So very soon, you can discover why you have that lack. That is the wisdom your circumstance offers you. And if you observe it, you will see how you have created magic right there… by gaining from lack!
When you know what caused the lack, it is normal for you to want to take action to rectify the situation of that cause… perhaps, nullify the cause altogether. Again, tugging at the cause is not going to uproot it. So, what will you have to do?
Start again. Plan afresh. Mid-week, cull all that you have observed about your manifest life, your circumstances and events around you for the wisdom in it, and set about applying that wisdom.
Know what? This is the point where I trot out the next truism. Remember, “The universe gives back to you manifold of what you give out”. So, after mid-week, you go all out and plan, and intend with your true heart to implement that plan. For every step that you take, you are going to find synchronous help, like fresh breeze… promise!
Ah! Now is the catch!
By the time the week ends, most of us are going to be in a mood to chill out and relax, and we are going to find ample opportunities to do just that. We may even indulge ourselves a tad on the ‘over’ side! But, yeah, there are some of us who won’t be doing that… These ‘some’ of us are going to worry about being selfish and trying to make their lives awesome, while others don’t. They are going to worry that their wallowing dear ones would be happy to have them wallow along-side, and they are going to contemplate giving up on their own happiness to share in others’ sadness… share the burden, so to speak.

Well, just sayin’, good folks. You can’t relieve other people’s burdens by pushing and shoving at them. You can’t relieve other people’s burden. Period. Each being has its own story. When you want to help, the only effective thing you can do is to relieve your own burdens, make your best happiness, shine your own light. Is all…
Is sufficient, buddy.
Those who watch you, will be lit by your spark.

How does it get better than that!!!


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