GET UP! DUST OFF! GET MOVING! GET ON WITH YOUR THANG… ALREADY!!! article-2519110-19E1CA4A00000578-43_634x510

If ever there was a week exactly following and segueing into the previous, here we are!

This week, the energies we are presented with have upped the ante considerably for us. The question we asked ourselves and had gotten around to answering by the weekend has apparently exercised our emotional muscles… and made downright heroes of us!
Which is all very good, only… heroes have to work harder than ordinary folks, don’t they!

No, they don’t. The ones we consider heroes are the ones with the spotlight on them. If I swing that light around and focus on you…? You, then, are my chosen heroes of the week!

Who… you?
Well, that’s easy. The ones who are scratching around their lives and trying to make sense of it, or scrutinise it, or make it better… them good folks.
What be engaging you, pray?
Again, as plain as the nose on your face. Circumstances, circumstances. You, who are observing things going on around you, sometimes triggered by you, at other times sucking you into other people’s stories… at all times, engaging you.
So, what does this week hold, really?
Right at the beginning, we are made aware of how significant a drama the story of our life is. And if we take a deep breath and look carefully, we shall see that everything we need to know, study, learn from, and apply further… is already in our circumstances. Oh, we try a lot to keep them from being too shifty, but basically, whatever we do, the rule of thumb is this… What we observe about our life is what we need to say about ourselves.
So armed with this reminder, start again. Wherever you are, bring clarity to your thoughts and perceptions, and be upfront honest with yourself.
Immediately, you will see who you are in your significant relationships. The bond could be of family, affection, history or work… if you have a relationship with somebody, the quality of that relationship will reflect the person you are.
Be fore-warned, this is not likely to be pleasant for most of us. It is then time for us to step back and make a robust attempt to change our perspective. Right around, if necessary. Look at where the other one is standing, if necessary. Wear his shoes, if necessary.
It is necessary.
For, in uncovering what you have triggered in the other, will you also discover what makes you tick. You can come to know about your own belief system, which you use as the foundation of all your understanding of life.
However… again, this is an exercise you will not be engaging in out of choice, and with time to kill. This will be an imperative measure by mid-week. So you are also likely to feel pressurised into a compartment, anxious and lacking energy. By the time the week ends, you will be so burdened by what you discover about yourself, that if you have a holiday, it will be well-timed.

Rough? Yes.
No diamond ever could reveal its glint without some brisk polishing!
So chin up! Here comes the Hero!

How… does it get better than that!


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