AN UNEXPECTED FRIEND!    photo_1377599487468-1-0_s660x390

Of course, even when things are perfectly smooth, we have to wake up each day to the possibility of upsetting the apple cart!
And however much our teachers are nudging us that this could just be the right thing we were so fervently praying for last night, it sure doesn’t feel like it…
So how about we start the week by focussing on any thing… any one thing… in our life which makes us believe that all is well…
A good start, I say, to what we can achieve this week.

When we look at any object or person that makes us feel calm and good about our being, we are put in touch with that part of our Self which knows about contentment. So deeply do we associate that object or person with our feeling good, that we often forget that it is an association we have made. We are the creators of our life. We tend to believe that our contentment depends on the existence of that externality in our life.

Very soon, then, we are poked in our eye! Darn! Our comfort food is stale. Our favourite person has had a bad day and is cranky. Our bank balance is not up to the mark. Our client wants us to redo the whole idea… You get the picture.
So, what went wrong?
An erroneous association.
And it is now time to allow cheese to be cheese.
Mid-week, you may feel clueless… Here is something you thought you could depend upon, and yet it shows up gaps in your experience. You need to be there for your symbol of well-being, for it to be there for you… and it was not supposed to be this way.
Quite to cue, you might even jump to action and try to force things through according to your idea of what should be. And in doing so, you are likely to find the going tough, very tough.
What now?
The solution to a problem is never at the level of the problem.
Don’t try to force the issue.
Instead, turn around and look at yourself.
Ask yourself, this thing that was so precious to you, what did it do for you? So, in times when it can’t show up, would you struggle with it, or discard it, or find out another way to assuage your need?

Here, then, is the energy-ball of this week…
You are the centre of your universe. While you don’t have to be a champion altogether at once, treat each and even a tiny disappointment as an opportunity to do better for yourself. It is not about discarding what didn’t work. It is about recognising that what always works is your own Self.

We are likely to experience conflict before we settle down for the week because we would be looking at the wrong place for answers. If we can remind ourselves that the questions arise because we are ready to meet the answers, then what upset us at the beginning of the week, and caused a slide down in the middle, will help us to come out better and on top, by the end of the week.
Tip: The issue will be what challenges your feel-calm factor… that is your window. While the event and experience will be different for everybody, the key will be this.

How does it get better than that!!!


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  1. Nadine Roberts
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 13:52:39

    Very cool blog. Inspiring !!! Thank you.


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