Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Januarians!!!


The Year Ahead For Those Born In January….  colorful bouquet of fresh tulips

For most of you, at least for those of you celebrating your birth anniversary towards the beginning of this month, you also have the added feel of this crisp new year! So, bring it on!
The year ahead for you, dear Januarians, holds a lot of promise. It is up to you to fulfil your potential in the way you choose, of course… but there you have it! All readied for you!
Now, the potential… what exactly is it?
What do you think is the most important thing for you to be able to enjoy a good meal? Indeed, a good appetite!
And this, exactly, is the potential this year holds for you. It is going to rev up your appetite for all things that you find fulfilling. You decide what your goal is, and the energies that surround you will make sure that you can stay in focus. You want more work? Well, you will have armloads of opportunities to identify work that you can do and transform work into something that you shine in. You want more holidays? Sure, you are going to find ways to identify a holiday where none exist for others! You want more money? Indeed, you are going to make sure that you open up avenues of income even where the land lies fallow.
Is there a catch? Well, it depends, on what you think is a catch. I define it as an awesome gift… like, when you say, “Wow! What a catch!” And the catch is this… you are going to want everything that you set your sights on, very badly indeed. This is the actual secret of growth. Wanting, needing, desiring… indeed, hankering for something so much that any other state than absolute fulfilment … is absolute impoverishment! How does desire get better than that! Young Woman Doing Pushups on Bench
And you January-borns seem ideally suited for yearning this strong. Your temperament can help you focus with the kind of determination that is dogged. At the very least, you will have the conviction that you need to push ahead.
Other than the area of your life which you have thus tagged with “want”, your life will be pretty even-keeled and likely, low-key. It is because so much of your energy and attention will be taken up by your focus, that other areas will fade… not away, but to lesser significance. 

The point to keep in mind about such awesome force of focus is that the going is not always smooth, and neither always rough. Enjoy your life as you go through your year, as what you are about to achieve by the end of this year will enhance you in your own scheme of things. One is a master in quality… the quantity is mere context!

An excellent year for students, for launching entrepreneurs, for newly-weds, for those angling for a promotion…

Have a wonderful year!


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