First off, the announcement…!!! 
I am giving all of you sweet loyals a break for the end of 2013, and the beginning of the New Year…. I will resume the weekly update from the 12th of January, 2014.
And then, there will again be a few changes to my blog, as I have changed…
Also, please peel your eyes back as you are about to step into some seriously awesome time ahead. All is well.

Now, for the week coming up….
With much love, and much of untiring repetition, we are reminded yet again that we are sparks of Divinity, which nobody but ourselves can wake into a conflagration.

That which we fear has always had a very strong hold over us. Lack, opinions, moralities, unknowns… the list is (NOT!) endless. So much of a hold, in fact, that we identify ourselves with the Fear that lives our lives… and we would even now be hard pressed to imagine what is not it.
But suppose we do. Suppose we start. Suppose we shine our light. Suppose we redefine…
For a while we will have nothing left. Nothing of ourselves that we knew. Emptiness. Glorious emptiness.
Because, then, we can start giving our energies as resources to the dreams we had seeded, but never allowed to grow. Then, we can start the truest relationship of all, given our nature of duality…. the relationship with our Self.
First heads-up will be when we do the same things we were already doing, and find that nothing has changed in our circumstances…. and so all those talks of changes and shifts happening must have been a lot of hog-wash.
See it for what it is. You have to have new behaviours, and habits, and game-plans and actions for every new thing you want to manifest. Remember…? You have just given up your old life, so be the new you. New You.
All those words we used to motivate ourselves….? Proof, validation, check for rightness… Drop them, and now. They weigh you down. Those attitudes belie the core that is of Divine design… that All Is Well. Always was, is and will be. When you want ‘proof’ that you are doing it ‘right’, and would need someone else to ‘validate’ your stand, and keep up ‘hope’ that your dreams will be ‘granted’… all that you are saying is that you do not trust the Divine design.
Think about it.

For you, the week will be about taking stock… of all your plans and policies and strategies that you have already, or are about to set in motion, and whether they align with the new you. If you are sure you are the same person as earlier and have no reason, desire or motivation to change, then tell me what those things are in your life that are unsettling you with clockwork regularity. If you still don’t want to change, it is all fine, don’t worry. Do some spring-cleaning, albeit out-of-season… and it will be marvellous how much will be cleared out. Some rather basic dealings which would not have ordinarily excited you hold more promise than you envisage. However, the way to go about it will need tweaking, if you don’t fancy leaving things up to a song and a lark. What gives?
Tip for the week: Stay warm if you are in winter, and stay hydrated if in summer.

Many of you would view with consternation the idea of changing, as there is a string of threatened stability running with that song. However, it is now time to consider that change is not always about upping and outing from your current job, if you don’t want to. Change can be your idea or attitude that is not really coughing up the results you want. This week, take stock, as your employers are doing. Perhaps you could up the quality of your performance, your relationship with your colleagues… perhaps you could turn yourself into the ideal employee that your employer would love… what would it take?
Tip for the week: Hang on to the tendency to over-react. You won’t need it. Underplaying will do very well. Better, in fact.

If this is a holiday season for you, then prepare for it with as much focus and vitality you can bring to the table. It may not be visible to all, but deepening and enriching of relationships are happening now. Every time you contribute a personal gesture to somebody’s life, make the effort to not want anything in return. Chances are you would want something in return, anyway… and that conditionality is part of your system. It would not harm, neither would it throw anything out of gear. It would just take a little bit of air out of the wind under your wings. Predictability is actually the shadow of stability…. and this is a point for you to ponder.
Tip for the week: If celebrating, you will be over-indulging. How would you want to deal with this alert?

Well, if you really, really want to be who you are, the time for hanging on to ideas, beliefs and thoughts are over. It is precisely those ideas that seem impossible to be otherwise that are tugging at being let go. Would you? You could. It would leave you empty, yes. Empty of habitual and pattern-locked behaviour. However, you have your eternal wisdom and your dreams… the perfect past and future that interface at You. So that is one thing you could start living, with immediate effect. However, it would be better to eat, drink and be merry than to hold up a standard you continually check yourself against. On second thoughts, just don’t do it. You would lose the plot.
Tip for the week: The thing that you have wanted all along is here. It is You.

Happy 2014, good people of the Earth! Let’s love…


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